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SCAE Innovation: DuoDrip on the race

The DuoDrip, the double metal cone created by Davide Berti, realized by Nuova Ricambi and IMS Filtri is an all-Italian project that will participate next week to the SCAE Excellence Awards at World of Coffee 2016.

MILAN – The SCAE Awards are the best opportunity to bring out the best in design and innovation, and during the New Product of the Show Awards the community of coffee specialists will choose what will be the most innovative product of 2016.

The 22nd of June DuoDrip will be put on display at the stand S7-S9 –  New Product of the Show Awards Area.


DuoDrip, branded EDO BARISTA, participates at the Best New Professional Coffee Equipment category: ease of use, cleanability, durability are some of its strengths. The jury will be surprised by all the potentials offered by this new extraction method which give to every Barista the possibility to play with 2 different blends which will be extracted separately the first by irroration, the second by percolation.

The first extraction is the base for the second one: it influences the aromatic notes in the cup, especially if using 2 different coffees.

The second extraction will highlight the qualities of the used coffee: in the bottom cone is it possible to play with every kind of coffee, tea or other products (fruits, spices….), creating possibility to a professional to experiment with all the possibilities of mixology.

During the 3 days of World of Coffee, Davide Berti will hold demonstrations on the use of the double cone and you will discover all the potentiality offered by double extraction.

The workshop will be hold:

It is possible to book private workshops or demonstrations: please contact Valentina via email: barista@edobarista.com