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SCAA 2015 – A showcase of Indonesia’s best specialty coffee

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WASHINGTON D.C., USA – Indonesia will once again participate in the 27th Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) exposition in Seattle, 9-12 April 2015.

Ni Made Marthini, Commercial Attache of Indonesia in Washington DC explains that Indonesia will bring 39 specialty coffees from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Flores and Papua to SCAA.

According to Made Marthini, SCAA expo is one of the most effective way for coffee promotion in the US. According to US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census, the US imports of Indoensia’s coffee approximately US$323.10 million in 2014, an improvement by 11.29% from the previous year at approximately US$290.34 million.

Total US’ coffee import from the world in 2014 was a record high at US%5.88 billion, or 10.46% increased to 2013. Indonesia is the 6th largest coffee supplier to the US, with share 5.49%, after Brazil (22.80%), Colombia (19.79%), Vietnam (8.48%), Canada (6.56%) and Guatemala (6.13%).

Indonesia climb the ladder from last year’s position, “an increasing export value demonstrates the immediate benefit of last year’s exposition” according to Made.

She highlights that Indonesia Pavilion this year is in a better location and bigger than last year, comprises of 9 booths in island shape, number 5041 and 6038.

The theme of Indonesia Pavilion is “Celebrating the Diversity of Indonesian Coffee”. “We welcome everyone to stop by at our Pavilion to try the best specialty coffee the world has to offer”, adds Made Marthini.

Indonesia Pavilion will exhibit 39 Specialty Coffee and nine of them (called the “BIG NINE”) will be served at Indonesian Café at the Indonesia Pavilion every day, throughout the event.

They are Flores Arabica Manggarai, West Java Arabica Preanger ‘Malabar Mountain’, Sulawesi Arabica Toraja ‘Toarco-PB’, Sumatera Arabica Wahana Natural, Flores Arabica ‘Blue Flores’, Bali Arabica ‘Kintamani Natural’, Sumatera Arabica ‘Lintong Boemi Coffee’, Sumatera Arabica ‘Solok Minang’, and Sumatera Arabica Gayo ‘Retro’.

Made also says that “we will engage roasters, importers, and other buyers present in this year’s SCAA to participate in the coffee cupping occasion, which we will have five times during SCAA”.

Indonesia Pavilion will also screen a documentary movie about Indonesian coffee, titled “Biji Kopi (coffee bean): Aroma of Heaven”, directed by Budi Kurniawan, Indonesia’s talented movie director.

The documentary will show the history of coffee in Indonesia and its diverse and rich culture. It will also highlights some of the best coffee from Sumatra and Java islands.

“After watching the movie, I believe the viewer will appreciate Indonesian coffee even more and want to visit coffee plantation themselves”, says Made.

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