Tuesday 03 October 2023

SCA launching the Buyers and Sellers Program at its 2022 Expo in Boston

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BOSTON, USA – After two years of pandemic, many green coffee buyers and sellers struggle to connect with each other, as in-person opportunities for trips to origin and trade shows have dramatically declined.

In an effort to support coffee producers, cooperatives, exporters, importers, and roasters reconnect with each other, the SCA will launch for the first time the Buyers and Sellers Program at SCA Expo Boston 2022, supported by Barista Attitude, at no cost to participants.

Learn more about the program here.

SCA Expo 2022: Early Bird Registration Deadline Approaching

Early bird pricing is available through Friday, March 4, 2022.

Register today and save up to $200 on your Re:co Symposium badge, including access to the full Re:co Boston program and the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Learn more about badge options and pricing here.

Book Your Hotel

Reserve your room to ensure availability and to take advantage of special rates for Specialty Coffee Expo visitors. Book through the housing manager, Par Avion, by visiting the hotel reservations portal.

Workshop Highlights

Looking to advance your skills and career? Expo offers a convenient way to learn from industry experts and explore the tools vital to your success. Discover a brand new branch of knowledge within the coffee industry or expand your command on what you know already. Choose from 14 different sessions on a variety of subjects, such as:

Identifying Organic Acids: Workshop participants will taste organic acids as an isolated solution, as well as with coffee samples as a way to develop their palates and confidently expand their sensory language.

Decoding the Mystery of Coffee Sweetness: Sweetness perception in coffee is not well understood. In the case of coffee, we know it does not come from sugars. Perhaps it comes from the association in the human brain of sweet-smelling aromatics from the coffee brew with the sweet taste. In this workshop, we shall explore this hypothesis using the 2-AFC test, both with and without a nose-clip, to determine if sweetness in coffee is linked to the sense of smell.

SCA EXpo: COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Creating a safe experience during Expo this year is our main priority. Read about our COVID-19 Entry Requirements for exhibitors and attendees.

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