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Sarong introduces Magneta, the new Fill & Seal machine with independent magnetic shuttles

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REGGIOLO, Reggio Emilia, Italy – Sarong is an Italian company established in 1972 in Reggiolo (RE), just in the middle of the so-called “Packaging Valley”, providing the market with highly reliable and technologically advanced single serve Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machines, thanks to extensive technical knowledge and experience. Starting in the single serve pharmaceutical segment, after few years Sarong has successfully entered the Food and HPC markets, very high-demanding sectors requiring extreme attention to elements such as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), bringing this experience to Coffee almost 15 years ago.

In the Coffee segment, Sarong can offer its customers thermoforming Form, Fill & Seal machines, Fill & Seal machines for capsules, in addition to the supply of the most renowned single serve capsules in circulation, and of suitable packaging films to form or to seal them.

The Italian manufacturer provides a turnkey service to coffee roasters and Co-packers, therefore representing a unique one stop shop in the coffee, tea and solubles capsule sector. This entails the attribution of responsibility for the proper functioning of the entire line to a single provider, to the complete advantage of the customers.

The latest addition to Sarong’s Fill & Seal machines portfolio is the Magneta

Magneta uses Acopostrack, the innovative magnetic transport solution designed by B&R. It replaces the belt or chain conveyors conventionally used to transport capsules with independent magnetic shuttles powered by a linear motor.

In such a way Sarong overcomes the limit that arises by using belt conveyors as it implies that the process is based on the cycle time of the bottleneck stage; furthermore, in a conventional machine the distance between the capsules is linked to a fixed pitch, making the machine ‘’rigid’’ (so that it is often dedicated to a single product or capsule).

On the contrary, with the breakthrough innovation of capsules being transported by independent magnetic shuttles, Sarong breaks this paradigm entailing various advantages for the end user.

Transport system with independent magnetic shuttles

First of all, Magneta allows simple and fast format change over and scalability. This means the possibility to dedicate a line to different types of capsule – with no prejudice to the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – as well as to increase production, avoiding to purchase a new filling machine.

On top of that, Magneta guarantees other important advantages

In fact, the new Fill & Seal machine from Sarong can optimise nitrogen, aluminum or plastic lid film consumption, includes an automatic system to feed empty capsules, guarantees the accuracy of capsule positioning under each processing station, reduces maintenance costs and has a very reduced footprint.

Each station can be easily removed to enable ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and cleaning procedures; the lack of mechanical transmission elements and components also means that maintenance takes less time and can be done less often.

Sarong is traditionally specialized in designing highly customised machinery with an eye to their flexibility and reduced footprint. The machine is designed starting from the customer’s needs and not by forcing the application of in-house pre-designed technology. This tailor-made approach sets Sarong apart and is one of the reasons of its leadership.

Aluminum capsules

The Italian company has a unique and successful business model based on its 3 synergetic activities:

  1. Design, manufacturing and sales of automatic packaging machines for single-serve containers
  2. Converting and sale of plastic films
  3. Contract Manufacturing / Contract Packing Services

This allowed Sarong to become the market leader in the pharmaceutical market with almost 70% of the worldwide installed capacity for suppository/ovule machines and 85% for suitable packaging films.

Nespresso and Dolce Gusto compatible capsules

Sarong was a sponsor and speaker at the AMI Single Serve Capsules Global Virtual Summit, from 9th to 11th of March 2021.

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