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Zassenhaus Pour-Over Brewer

HOUSTON, U.S. — The average American spends over $1,000 per year on coffee, more than on holiday gifts. This makes innovative coffee equipment a hot holiday gift idea, and more.

Savvy coffee lovers can save money while enjoying a premium brew, leaving more money for holiday gifts and festivities. Drink coffee at home and avoid coffee shop markup. Brew from fresh ground coffee or beans to avoid the added expense of pods or capsules. Drink home-brewed coffee on the go with an insulated beverage bottle.


The Capresso Pour-Over Kettle features an elegant gooseneck spout for a controlled pour and even flow rate. Swivel base, stay-cool handle, and ergonomic design for comfortable pouring. It offers optimal temperatures for pour-over or any type of tea.

The Zassenhaus Pour-Over Brewer is a brew-and-serve set with a stainless-steel double mesh filter, filter holder, and 25-oz. carafe and lid of pure borosilicate glass. With its tapered silhouette and gracefully curved handle, it makes a beautiful design statement.

The Peugeot Paris Press enhances the coffee press experience with fine grinding. A 500ML borosilicate jug with decorative stainless-steel exterior, plus two alternate tops: a coffee mill that grinds to specification right into the jug, and a cover with built-in plunger for brewing.

The Capresso Infinity Plus Grinder offers commercial-grade grinding via solid steel burrs, with 16 grind settings for any type of brewing, from extra fine Turkish to very coarse for percolators or French press. Innovative gear-reduction motor to maximize flavor and aroma.

The Zassenhaus Hot & Cold Brew Infuser combines an infuser with a beautiful 34-oz. serving carafe. The fineness of the etched infuser is perfect for extended cold brew times.

Zoku’s 3-in-1 Tumbler is a vacuum-insulated stainless steel double-walled tumbler with a unique lid that lets you drink, sip and seal. Keeps coffee hot for 6 hours (or cold for 24). The press-fit lid twists three ways to drink, sip with a straw, or lock.

Turn piping hot coffee into a delicious chilled beverage with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. Store the stainless-steel mug in the freezer, then place it in the insulated sleeve, pour in coffee, and snap on the lid – your iced coffee will be ready in as little as five minutes.