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Sanremo is getting ready for the World Coffee Championships in Berlin

CONEGLIANO, Italy – Sanremo Coffee Machines is getting ready for the World Coffee Championships in Berlin. As Qualified Sponsor of WLAC and WCIGS, the coffee machine company will obviously attend this event to showcase the Café Racer, Official Machine of the event.

But that’s not all. For this special occasion Sanremo Coffee Machine is preparing something special for its followers.

For the competitions in Berlin, Sanremo will bring two Custom Café Racer: one will still have it’s world–renowned style, but it will also have the WOC logo and a new combination of colours.

The other one will be a unique piece of design, with an outstanding new look.
That’s not all, the coffee machine company is also preparing a worldwide communication!
The community will, in fact, be able to watch the entire event of Sanremo’s social media channels.


From the 6th to the 8th of June don’t miss the chance to see the greatest events of the year: World Latte Art and World Coffee In Good Spirits Championships in Berlin!
The Official Machine of the event, Sanremo’s Café Racer, will be used by the greatest baristas during the whole competition.

The coffee lovers will have a chance to see it function and listen to the opinion of the competitors right after their competition.

Sanremo’s social media channels will be on fire for the passionate community of coffee lovers!

The coffee machine company has thought of everything: roasters and baristas will have have a possibility to sign up to try the Café Racer and to promote their coffee while working with the Official Machine of the WLAC and WCIGS.

The online community won’t miss a moment thanks to the live videos by Sanremo. The followers will watch and participate to the event in Berlin also by commenting below the photos of Sanremo.

To provide the best experience, in fact, the coffee machine company, will collect all the questions and do a Q&A with the top baristas, roasters and S.W.A.T (Sanremo World Academy Team) members that will attend the event.

Keep following Sanremo Coffee Machines on Facebook and on Instagram to write down your questions for the Q&A and to watch the full event.