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Roberto Bresciani “Through Usa, Nuova Simonelli now is finally back in Italy”

Roberto Bresciani (Nuova Distribution North America) with his father Tommaso, the founder of the family business

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI (Macerata) – Roberto Bresciani, from Simonelli Group Usa, is importer and associate with Nuova Simonelli. We spoke to him during the second level of Coffee Science Certificate in the labs and training spaces in the Nuova Simonelli Head quarter.

Roberto Bresciani’s history

“I was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1974. Then my family moved in 1986 in Washington States. That’s when we started our partnership with Nuova Simonelli for the United States. We started in 1990, thanks to my father. In fact, he started with Nuova Simonelli back in 1964.

The North American business, Usa and Canada, is very important for the coffee machines

“Yes. The North American market was really a trend setter in espresso. Starting back in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, where the first importation of coffee machines started. It was one of the market where a lot of the battle for the hearts in minds of coffeelovers was weidged.

So it has been a trend setter in espresso coffee and now around the world there are also many market that are important.”

What are the new trends?

“Now we have a lot of competition from other countries. Such as Australia, Uk and Europe. The level of quality and also the passion for coffee has really spread across the world.  Obviously, Usa still has a big impact.”

Starbucks and the partnership with Simonelli Group, thanks to the work of Roberto Bresciani in Usa

“Our office is in Washington State. So we shared the same hometown with Starbucks. We’ve always wanted to work with Starbucks and being in business with them was our great objective, It took us many, many years. Literally from day one, when we started, we’have been trying to get involved with Starbucks.

But about ten years ago, we actually had the opportunity to start with them and to show them our technologies. Once we got going, everything moved along well. And we were able to partner with Starbucks and to help them realizing that they could use traditional machines again. Which I think it was a goal for them, but they needed to find the right partner to do that.

We really enjoyed working with them. Now we have a Nuova Simonelli machine in the first Starbucks, in Seattle. And we are present also in the last one. Mr Schultz played a very important role as well in bringing Nuova Simonelli to Starbucks. He was very involved in every aspect of this decision.”

Howard Schultz at the Roastery in Seattle with a Victoria Arduino VA 388 and three Mythos 1 grinders on the counter

Through the work abroad in Usa, Nuova Simonelli now is finally back in Italy

“We actually are a big family. It’s really interesting to see how everything comes to a full circle. I know here, where we’re today, in the Nuova Simonelli Head Corner, last month we had forty baristas from Starbucks. They were training on the machines, getting ready for the great opening of the Roastery in Milan. ”

The New Wave of Simonelli: how is it going?

“This machine is going very well. It’s a very innovative machine, with three really new characteristics. First of all it has the postedge technology, which is revolutionary. It also have the autopurge system, which is automatically cleaning group in the portafilter system. And also, it’s very interesting, the tecnology of the milk steaming. What we call easy creaming system, which allows the barista to automatically make the perfect milk for a cappuccino or a caffelatte, or a flatwhite.

Many people could think that this automated system isn’t the top for some baristas. But we find that they actually do like it.”

Nuova Simonelli Wave

And what about the Mythos 2? It was technically perfected in Usa

“The Mythos 2 is just now the best grinder in the world. And it comes from the Mythos 1, which also was the best grinder before. That’s from the standpoint of grind consistency and quality. But the Mythos 1 went through 10 years of evolutions. It was incrementally improved with the termo stability and then with the clump crusher. Then the software for the barista’s control was added. So it was a constant evolution.

But now the Mythos 2 is a perfect grinder. It’s what the Mythos 1 wanted to be in the first place. It has PAD control on the temperature. It has a better cuning system. It’s easier to service. In Usa, we’re already sold out. So we have a lot of hopes.

Mythos 2

I can’t forget to mention the gravymeter. So, the gravymeter of the portion is truly a revolution. It’s the only one in the world and, above all, it works. The reason is because Nuova Simonelli had the experience of the other coffee machines. Many other companies have tried to do do that, but as so far, Simonelli is the only one who had made it really work.”