Saturday 23 September 2023

Reneka: Handmade in France/Alsace

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Over 80 years experience in the conception and manufacture of traditional espresso machines. First specialized in chromium plating for the automobile industry BUGATTI & silverware, Reneka launched its first coffee machine in 1932. In a strong alliance between tradition, coffee passion and technology, the company is today the result of the work carried out by passionate people.

With a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, Reneka plays in the big leagues. A full range of traditional professional espresso machines to meet every request and sensitivity of service and a passion for coffee.

The last born: R80 Reneka

A combination of craftsmanship and groundbreaking technology creates the R80 in which performance can be experienced to the fullest for the ultimate in coffee pleasure.

R80 is the result of a large number of optimizations that the Reneka team has brought for a single purpose: find the ideal balance in shaping an espresso machine that touches perfection in every aspect.

Its Multi boiler system for a very accurate and constant temperature, combined to the pressure profile technology, will extend infinitely the possibility to extract every aroma and body of your coffee beans.

R80, an undeniable ally for every Barista, highly instinctive and reliable, the technology soul in perfect harmony with the coffee.

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