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Registration is open for the International Coffee Tasting 2019 by Iiac

BRESCIA, Italy – Iiac Japan with the cooperation of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac) and of the Italian Tasters – Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Csa) and the support of Iiac Korea, Iiac China and Iiac Taiwan under the patronage of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis (Iasa) organizes the “International Coffee Tasting 2019”, an international competition for single origin coffees or coffee blends, in beans or ground or single dose, for espresso, moka or filter in Tokyo (Japan) on the 10th and the 11th of December 2019.

The International Coffee Tasting 2019 aims at:

1. creating a competition between coffees from throughout the world to emphasize the hedonic quality of the product which comes from particularly gifted areas and which is carefully grown, expertly selected, knowledgeably roasted and then, whenever appropriate, masterfully blended;

2. emphasizing quality production by indicating to consumers the best products on the market;

3. stimulating producers to follow a quality path in its most modern definition: i.e. customer satisfaction.

The following coffees can take part in the International Coffee Tasting 2019: roasted coffees, blended or from a single origin, in beans, grounded or in single dose ready for consumption.

Classification of Coffees

The International Coffee Tasting 2019 is restricted to the following coffee categories:

A. single origins or blends (ground or in beans) for filter, Neapolitan coffee pot, Chemex and V60;

B. ground single origins or blends for moka (Italian coffee pot);

C. single origin or blends in beans for automatic non-professional coffee machines;

D. single-dose single origins or blends;

E. Italian blends in beans for espresso;

F. non-Italian blends or single origins in beans for espresso.

In those cases when both single origin and blended coffees are entered into a single category among B, C, D, F they will be treated as different categories for the purposes of the competition.

The Organization reserves the right to change categories in relation to the number of participants, excluding a category if there are not enough samples in it and/or asking producers to place their coffees into a different category if possible.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee will be nominated together by Iiac, Csa, Iiac Japan, Iiac Korea, Iiac Taiwan, Iiac China.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee will include of university professors if available.


The Presidium will be made up of members of the Scientific Committee and/or members chosen by the Scientific Committee and/or members chosen by the Organizing Committee who are qualified for the task. Its aim is to guarantee a correct and impartial sensory evaluation of the products entering the competition.

Country Partners

For companies with registered offices in Italy or any other countries except Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Russia:

Iiac – International Institute of Coffee Tasters
c/o Centro Studi – Galleria Vittorio Veneto 9
25128 Brescia (Italy)
Tel: +39-030-397308
Fax: +30-030-300328
Contact: Mr Carlo Odello, carlo.odello@italiantasters.com

For companies with registered offices in Japan:

Iiac Japan
1-5-29-205, Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0045 (Japan)
Tel: +81-3-5411-6619
Fax: +81-3-6438-9990
Contact: Mrs Yumiko Momoi, info@coffeetasters.jp

For companies with registered offices in Korea:

Iiac Korea
Winners Building # 301. 175-2
Jamsil – dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Korea)
Tel: +82-2-423-1272
Contact: Mr Lee Yong Jun, jun1107.lee@gmail.com

For companies with registered offices in Taiwan:

Iiac Taiwan
1F., No. 12-7, Ln. 609, Sec.5, Chongxin Rd. Sanchong Dist.
Xinbei City 24159, (Taiwan)
Tel: +886-958-119179
Contact: Mr Gino Chen, gino.chen@globaleyesbiz.com

For companies with registered offices in China:

Iiac China
3th Floor, Building 79, 1850 Creative Industry Park
No.200, Fangcun Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou (China)
Tel: +86-181-24227455
Contact: Ms Kelly Chan, kelly.chy@qq.com

For companies with registered offices in Russia:

OOO “Info-Service”
Russia, 600001, Vladimir, Dvoryanskaya, 20A
Tel: +7-910-779-68-83
Contact: Mr Dmitry Emshanov, dr_dy@mail.ru


Companies that wish to take part in the International Coffee Tasting 2019 must send:

Within the 12th of November 2019

1. Application form to the Country Partner;

2. Receipt of the wire transfer, net of bank fees, addressed to the Country Partner:
a. € 250,00 (+ VAT accordingly to the legislation of the Country Partner) per sample, if entering only one sample;
b. € 225,00 (+ VAT accordingly to the legislation of the Country Partner) per sample, if entering at least three samples;
c. € 200,00 (+ VAT accordingly to the legislation of the Country Partner) per sample, if entering at least five samples.

Within the 26th of November 2019

3. Three packages of the same lot of at least 500 g coffee each or a 60 single-doses to the address indicated by the Country Partner. The package shall clearly state: “Sample not for sale for technical tests”. Participating companies should completely cover any shipment expenses, custom taxes and any other expenses. Furthermore, the participating companies should provide extra documents requested by the referents that the Organizing Committee will indicate. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to carry out its own comparative analysis and controls.


The Organization declines all responsibility for any possible delay in the delivery of the samples, for their total or partial loss during transportation, for clearing the customs and for their conservation.

Reception of the Samples

As soon as received, all samples will be kept at room temperature in suitable premises.


The evaluation of samples will be strictly blind and carried out by commissions of not less than five judges, with proven skills, at premises chosen by the Organizing Committee.
The commissions will judge the samples on the base of the method developed and established by Iiac and Csa. Each judge will make the evaluations autonomously and the final score will be calculated through statistical techniques. The verdicts cannot be appealed.


To safeguard the reputation of the participating companies, the Organizing Committee will give publicity only to the awarded products and not to the all the participants. The scores will not be made public. Each participating company will confidentially receive the profile of its own sample(s).


Based on the points given, a maximum of 30% of entered products will be awarded ex-aequo the Golden Medal “International Coffee Tasting 2019”. The announcement will take place within the 31st of December 2019 and then the list of the winners will be published at www.coffeetasters.org and related websites.

Use Of The Award

The winners may use the award in their communication in compliance with their national laws, as long as they clearly expose the awarding year


The winners of International Coffee Tasting 2019 must allow the Organizing Committee or its delegates to make inspections and eventually take samples at their factories. If they do not entirely respect the Regulation, the winners will lose any conferred award.

Jurisdiction and changes in the Regulations

For any controversy, the competent legal authority is that of Tokyo (Japan). These regulations can be changed by express request of the competent authorities, or in case the Organization Committee should deem it necessary.