Thursday 01 December 2022

Régilait launches a compatible Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules production line and range

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SAINT-MARTIN-BELLE-ROCHE, France – A world leader in milk granulation, Régilait is backed by the first two French dairy cooperatives which enables it to constantly source from around 18,000 French producers and to fully control its products, from farms to consumers, with milks freshly processed into granules and immediately marketed without speculation. A short supply chain that guarantees optimal quality, recognised by multiple certifications renewed each year.

Its unique know-how in terms of granulation of milk makes it possible to preserve without artifice the nutritional qualities of this French milk and to obtain a powder with the highest protein level on the market, thus offering an incomparable cup effect.

With a presence in the Vending market for more than twenty years, Régilait Professional has over the years supported players in this sector through the development of quality products perfectly adapted to their requirements and in line with market trends.

Régilait took the decision to invest in France in its own capsule packaging line and acquire this know-how after interviewing a large number of European encapsulation manufacturers and thus finding that they were unable to meet its specific and regulatory requirements in terms of food safety. In fact, any milk-based ingredient is not packaged according to the same levels of environmental control and hygiene as for a 100% coffee capsule. Thus, after several years of investigation, Régilait redirected, in spring 2019, the initial project taking into account all requirements in terms of food control and safety towards a fully integrated and therefore controlled solution.

Drawing on Régilait Professionnel’s expertise in the field of hot drinks made by all types of professional machines, the company is launching a first range of capsules under the Régilait brand so that distributors can rely on a strong French brand known to consumers.

Régilait was keen to respond to the market and offer itself as a business provider for its long-standing clients and partners. The coffee capsule represents 9 out of 10 capsules consumed and the rest is a service to offer to its customers. So Régilait offers capsules of coffee, cocoa and cappuccino alongside its powdered milk capsules.

A range of 4 capsules from the Régilait brand in B2B

  • 1st 100% coffee capsule
    7g carefully selected using the expertise of a French roaster to attract lovers of espresso & lungo coffee or cappuccino and match a larger number.
  • A Cappuccino capsule: 19g of a subtle blend of coffee, milk and a dash of cocoa to obtain an original cappuccino with a unique taste signature with a single capsule
  • A Cocoa capsule: 19 g of sweetness offering a good hot chocolate with a single capsule
  • A 100% milk capsule (without added sugar): 13 g of skimmed milk to guarantee a beautiful white foam worthy of a Barista. Skimmed milk also to ensure that its association with coffee and cocoa capsules is optimal playing the role of a true flavour enhancer. So get with 2 capsules, a traditional Italian cappuccino and cocoa milk

A tool for customised quality solutions, in particular in private label

  • Unique capsule packaging line:
  • compatible with all Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®* system machines on the market
  • that can be composed of any type of ingredients as long as they are soluble
  • with an initial production capacity level of 40 million capsules then more to follow
  • full stainless steel
  • installed in a dedicated High Hygiene workshop (dry cleaning, management of allergens and cross-contamination, bacteriology, control of air flows, people, products), certified to package organic products)
  • packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • equipped with an online coffee mill (freshly ground and encapsulated roasted coffee beans)

As an expert in Vending for more than 20 years, alongside its roaster customers in particular, Régilait Professionnel wished, through this investment, to provide a real service to its customers in order to guarantee them traceability and total health safety on milk capsules but above all, the same conditions for their coffee capsules. Régilait Professional offers its customers the opportunity to develop their hypermarkets and supermarkets offering in order to reach this extraordinary market for Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®* compatible capsules. As the coffee and cocoa market are specific, Régilait wishes to combine its dairy and encapsulation know-how with those of the players in these markets by providing them with this beautiful tool.

Also, this industrial line has all the equipment needed for extensive customisation to establish a tailor-made offer with many options! Régilait knows how to offer specific or standard groupings of 300 loose capsules or boxes and Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP).

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