Monday 03 October 2022

Re:co gathers the most influencial thinkers in the coffee industry

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MILAN – Re:co is coming to a new digital space this summer, including all the best features from Re:co Symposium — high-quality focused talks; multiple opportunities to engage in discussions; and Re:co’s signature coffee and sensory experiences re-imagined for the home.

The consumer experience of coffee is going through a number of large changes, brought on both by COVID-19’s emphasis on the home experience and by trends like Ready-To-Drink.

This year’s Re:co Sensory Experiences will explore how changing consumption means new and different sensory considerations and expectations

Add the Re:co Digital + Home option at registration to have Sensory Experience and Coffee Service ingredients shipped directly to your door, including a Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit, a guided tasting set from Rishi Tea, a multisensory perception exercise by Stronghold, and more.

Register before July 3 (international shipments) or July 7 (US only) — limited quantities, customs fees may apply.

Specialty coffee is at a turning point: food-service—including coffee—has been profoundly impacted everywhere in the world by the current global pandemic. What does this mean for the specialty industry as a whole?

In this session, you’ll get the latest market research along with insights from global business leaders on what’s currently happening to coffee consumption, supply, and trade. Then, we’ll turn our attention to the future: How will specialty coffee change as a result? How will people’s perceptions of specialty coffee transform? Are there opportunities for specialty coffee in the post-COVID era?

What does the specialty coffee experience look like for consumers who are spending more time at home or facing changed financial circumstances? Austin Henley, Fabiana Carvahlo, Ilja Croijmans, and Jean-Xavier Guinard will explore this topic, looking at how we can understand consumer preferences better, as we think about special coffee experiences not just for the coffee shop, but for the kitchen.

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Registration is as simple as choosing your preferred package, and entering your card details through our secure portal. A member of the team will follow up shortly to welcome you to the community, and ensure your experience at Re:co 2020 is first-rate.

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