Sunday 04 December 2022

Re:co   Americas   is   gathering virtually on May 12-13: Sessions and  first  speakers  announced

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MILAN – The first batch of speakers have now been confirmed for the digital Re:co Americas event, taking place May 12-13 in the Pacific time zone. The organizers are delighted to welcome a variety of speakers—from coffee and related industries—who will help dig into the current moment, and understand what innovation and opportunity look like in the face of uncertainty and change throughout the value chain.

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Re:co Americas: Session Highlight

A Glimpse of the Future (State and Future of the Coffee Industry)

In our accelerated world, we’re living in the future—but it won’t last forever, so it’s a great time to take stock of everything that’s happened throughout the pandemic. What can we learn from how things have shifted amid global lockdowns? What opportunities are there to continue to grow home consumption even when we’re able to gather together again? As specialty coffee continues to grow in recognition, how can we continue to drive our values forward with new consumers?

Defining Specialty Coffee for a New Era

This is an opportunity for us to examine how we assess, define, and value specialty coffee, to stop and take stock of how things have moved and changed over time, and how they interact with one another. How does a coffee’s attributes impact how we understand its value? And how might that be different from its cup score?

Innovating to Meet Opportunity

This glimpse into the future, alongside the upheaval of the pandemic, is full of boundless opportunity. For those who have found themselves with unexpected time as lockdowns came into force, there were opportunities to test new ideas, build stronger bonds with communities, or even just to re-examine and repair the systems and the structures of “before” to usher in the future unraveling before our eyes. But what is innovation? How is it different from novelty? And do the ways we currently work need to change if we want to encourage it?

Understanding Specialty Coffee’s Value

Once we understand what we value and how we assess it, it’s time to focus on how that value gets distributed both across the value chain and within companies. In this session, we’ll introduce new business models, explore the impact of collaboration, and trace all the different ways we can better build—and share—value along the chain.

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