Saturday 21 May 2022

Rancilio Specialty takes the centre stage at the London Coffee Festival

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LONDON, UK – During the London Coffee Festival, visitors have an unmissable opportunity to discover the potential of Rancilio Specialty, a brand-new coffee machine created to raise the quality of the coffee and the barista’s creativity to new heights.

All coffee lovers are invited to find out with the engineers of the Rancilio R&D team how Rancilio Specialty can brew coffee constantly by providing reliability and a high temperature stability.

Alongside the newly released Rancilio Specialty, Saturday and Sunday will be also displayed the Silvia Limited Edition 2018 in total Black, a new design for a timeless coffee machine, a symbol of the Home Line products.

At London Coffee Festival, Rancilio Group presents a renovated booth

The design is what really makes people want to spend some time in this welcoming space tasting a coffee or drinking a cappuccino.

Industrial and urban elements like streetlights, blackboards, brick walls, ceramic tiles and concrete floors play against lighter materials like wood and plants.

The Extraction Lab

Rancilio Group host a lot of activities to spread the culture of espresso. Baristas and coffee experts lead the Extraction Lab, the interactive and travelling laboratory that offers lessons and tastings to reveal the secrets of a perfect extraction by using the temperature profiling. In addition, in the Extraction LAB area, roasters can test their specialty coffees with our Rancilio Specialty.

London Coffee Festival
Rancilio Group
LCF South / Stand G2+G3

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