Monday 29 May 2023

Rancilio launches a new line of espresso machines for specialty coffees

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MILAN – Rancilio Group is marking its official entry into the specialty coffee market segment with a new range of products entitled Rancilio Specialty. The new range was launched today in a special event at Host Milano.

This decision reflects the aim of the company based in the Parabiago neighbourhood of Milan to broaden its horizons and encompass the world of specialty coffee, a market segment in constant growth worldwide.

This very specific market is fuelled by the massive spread of new-concept coffee shops, usually located in major city centres, in which it is possible to sample and share a novel coffee experience.

Customers are guided in their enjoyment of this experience by the stars of the show. Centre stage are the baristas with their coffee-making skills and ability to involve customers.

Then of course, there are the coffee machines, both stylish and practical in design, with brand new functions able to deal with the ever more sophisticated gourmet blends. These are the factors that ensure customers enjoy premium in-cup quality every time.

Rancilio Specialty is the fruit of the experience of the Rancilio R&D Department combined with the skills of a team of coffee industry experts and professionals.

The goal was to create a coffee machine with innovative, ergonomic design capable of bringing out all the character and qualities of the coffee and to meet the needs of baristas and coffee lovers alike. The machine was designed in partnership with the leading Italian company MOMO Design.

Rancilio Specialty is able to brew coffee with high temperature stability, offering baristas the option of using temperature profiling at the brewing stage. The steam system enables the power to be adjusted, thus minimising water condensation when preparing milk-based drinks.

Communications are playing a key role in the launch of the new range of Rancilio Specialty products.

An exciting, involving communications platform has been created, its design based on the metaphor of the cinema, leading to the new slogan for the range: “Rancilio Specialty. The Story Maker”.

This new pay-off line sums up the positioning of the product and the end-benefit for the consumer: “Thanks to a fantastic blend, a perfect machine and a great barista, the coffee shop becomes the first-choice location for writing the most engaging stories of everyday life”.

Design and materials

Its timeless design is one of the most distinctive features of the Rancilio Specialty, a machine whose solid, robust form is as elegant as the stainless steel that clads it. Classic lines in perfect harmony with high-tech features add up to a truly unique product. The choice of materials and the easy-to-rearrange bodywork enable this machine to be personalised.


The touchscreen interface enables the barista to control all the operating parameters intuitively, to monitor the machine’s performance, to view details of the last thirty cups of coffee brewed and to programme cleaning operations. Each brewing unit has its own display providing real-time information on the status of the units, the brewing temperature and time.


Rancilio Specialty has been built to meet the needs of baristas: facilitating their movements, enabling them to work quickly, with absolute precision and in total comfort. At only 463mm tall, the machine creates a new sharing space, encouraging interaction with customers. The shapes and the materials chosen for the filter holders fit the physiology of the human hand, making for greater stability during tamping with a steady, ergonomic grip. With just one movement, the barista can hook up the filter holder and start up brewing. The barista can also adjust height of the drip tray (80, 100 or 120mm) according to the type of cups being used. The LED lights and the backlit icons on the control touchpad make it possible to work in any environment with constant visual monitoring during brewing.


The work surface is raised above the working area and the internal components are arranged to simplify and speed up cleaning and maintenance operations. The diagnostic menu has been designed to allow operators to identify technical problems without having to take the machine apart. The cup tray grids and the drip tray can be unhooked and removed to facilitate cleaning. Being able to clean each brewing unit individually makes it possible to work uninterrupted.


The Rancilio Specialty is extremely eco-friendly and made almost entirely of recyclable materials. The machine has been designed to reduce energy consumption and loss thanks to the insulated main boiler, the fact that the micro-boilers for individual units can be switched off and that they can be programmed to switch off automatically when not in use. The Rancilio Specialty is more state-of-theart than ever, capable of making the best use of new technology in order to operate ethically and with responsibility toward the planet.


The electronic mixer enables the water system to work at different temperatures, providing just the right infusion every time for the particular type of tea. It is possible to set the frequency for replacing the water in the boiler to ensure the best possible hygiene levels for the brewing water.


Milk-based drinks also demand perfection. The ergonomic design of the new cool-touch steam wand makes it possible to control the power and minimise water condensation during preparation of milk-based drinks, guaranteeing top-class performance in any working situation.


The multi-boiler system enables Rancilio Specialty to brew coffee constantly by providing reliability and a high temperature stability. Moreover, the multi-boiler system offers the barista the opportunity to explore new sensorial possibilities thanks to the temperature profiling during the coffee extraction. It enables the baristas to bring out the bitter or acid notes in the blend being used.

Cup warmer

An ample, spacious easy to access cup warmer can operate at 5 different temperatures, regulated by a sensor, to guarantee stable and evenly distributed heat in any environment.

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