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Rancilio Group, flagship models under the spotlights at Internorga 2017

HAMBURG, Germany – The 2017 edition of Germany’s leading international trade fair in the food and beverage sector will be held from 17 to 21 March at the Hamburg exhibition centre. Just as they do every year, Rancilio Group will take part in the event through its German subsidiary Rancilio Group Deutschland.

This event provides an amazing opportunity to show off and demonstrate to an international audience how high-tech and passion can combine to produce excellent professional coffee machines in a perfect marriage of Italian mastery and Swiss fully-automatic technology for the preparation of the perfect espresso.


Rancilio Group is utterly at home in Hamburg, Germany’s greatest port city and every year its exhibition stand can be relied upon to offer a varied range of innovative products.

This year too, the company will not disappoint, living up to expectations with brand new products on show on its stand and organizing numerous side-events for the occasion in Europe’s second most important port city.

An exhibition space conceived to express to the full the research and development that goes into our products at the high-tech Rancilio and Egro LAB hubs.

A stand capable of intriguing visitors, stimulating interaction and generating a powerful communicative impact.

Guided tastings of specialty coffee, both blends and single-origin, demonstrations of cappuccino art and alternative espresso preparations will make a visit to our space a very special experience.

Rancilio will show to INTERNORGA public its  flagships Rancilio Classe 11 and Egro BYO.

The traditional coffee machine Rancilio Classe 11 allows the user to navigate using quick and simple menus, just like a smart phone, and a lexicon of instantly recognisable icons, with a display that provides real time feedback on what the machine is doing.

The fully-automatic Egro BYO makes it possible to use your own mobile device to interact remotely with the coffee machine. This enables the size and features of the screen to be personalised and adapted to all customers’ specific needs.

Hall B1 – Stand EG303