Friday 29 September 2023

Rainbow Coffee Is What Unicorns Drink For Breakfast

This is the way to study and understand Latte Art

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If you thought a freshly-brewed coffee was the most beautiful sight in the world, then think again.

A rainbow coffee is even more gorgeous, indeed. It must be what magical creatures use for their morning jolt.

This dreamy brew comes courtesy of barista Mason Salisbury of Sambalatte coffeeshop in Las Vegas. He adds food dye to steamed milk in order to create the rainbow shapes and plans to make an organic version in the coming weeks, he told HuffPost.

Rainbow coffee is also an easy way to train baristas in latte art, he said, as practicing with colored milk is cheaper than using espresso.

“I used to do this on holidays at the stores for fun, but… thought I would give it a try again,” Salisbury said. “It adds fun into learning latte art.”

We’d say it looks pretty darn fun to drink, as well:

Mmm, this is just what we need to go with our rainbow bagel and rainbow grilled cheese … with a splash of Unicorn Tears liqueur for good measure.

Now THAT’s how you taste the rainbow.

Suzy Strutner

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