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Probat vaccination campaign at the company premises was a complete success

Probat vaccination campaign

EMMERICH, Germany – Probat, the world market and technology in coffee processing plant and machinery, vaccinates all willing employees as well as their relatives within the scope of a campaign organized by the staff. The vaccination campaign, which took place last Saturday at the Probat company premises, was a complete success: A total of more than 400 COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered.

The organizers of the action had set up a vaccination station with a waiting and registration area, a medical area for the vaccination process itself and an area for follow-up care especially for this purpose. All areas were passed through in a one-way system.

Of course, the familiar hygiene rules were applied here as well. The continuous wearing of a protective face mask was mandatory and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters had to be maintained – if possible.

Claudia Adler, management assistant and main organizer of the vaccination campaign, was delighted with how smoothly it went: “The entire vaccination campaign was a full success! I am proud to have such great colleagues who supported me so energetically here. On behalf of the staff, however, I would also like to thank our management in particular, which made an early effort to create the conditions for this vaccination campaign.”

Wim Abbing, CEO Probat, also underwent a vaccination on this day – albeit already his second. His conclusion on the measure: “I am thrilled by the commitment of the employees who organized this campaign so perfectly. But I was also particularly pleased about the great willingness to vaccinate within the PROBAT workforce. This vaccination was an important step for PROBAT to further contain the pandemic.”

In total, so many vaccine doses were available that, in addition to the registered employees and their relatives, further people from outside the company could also be vaccinated.

About Probat

Probat has been developing pioneering solutions for the coffee industry for more than 150 years. The company is the world market and technology leader in coffee roasting plant and machinery. Its range of services includes the development, design and construction of roasters and grinders as well as the planning and implementation of industrial production facilities.

Machine and plant controls, environmental technologies and comprehensive services also make up part of Probat’s product portfolio. Together with subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Scotland and the USA, Probat has 900 employees, about 550 of whom are based in Germany. In addition to that, agencies in more than 40 countries assure that the age-long experience and know-how of Probat is being used globally.