Thursday 30 March 2023

Probat Group invests in new production site in India

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EMMERICH AM RHEIN, Germany – On the occasion of the opening of its new production site in Bangalore, India, Probat, the world`s leading manufacturer of plants and machinery for the coffee and food industry, hosted its third Probat Kaapi-Day. After serving the Indian market for more than 50 years through a representation, in 2012 Probat entered a joint venture with Indian Kaapi Machines Ltd., naming it Probat Kaapi.

What has been a service and distribution point for the Indian market for more than two generations, has now become a further production site of the Germany based company.

The new manufacturing facility, situated in Bangalore in the South of the Indian peninsula, was inaugurated during Probat Kaapi-Day, one in a row of various specialist conferences for the Indian coffee market which Probat hosted throughout the past.

This year more than 80 experts of the Indian coffee business met to discuss latest developments and trends.

Leena Nair, Chairwoman of the Coffee Board of India, along with Vikram Khurana, CEO Probat Kaapi, officially opened the event, before Sunalini Menon, India`s first female coffee taster, took over by looking into the subject of how Indian coffee strains and factors affect quality.

Later in the afternoon the conference was rounded off by a live-roasting demonstration on a Probatone roaster – the first which was manufactured on site in Bangalore – and a visit to the new manufacturing plant of Probat Kaapi.

“The decision to enlarge our global footprint by investing in this new manufacturing site in Bangalore was driven by a steadily increasing demand for coffee processing technology on the Indian market, which we have observed in the past.

We are proud to help turn India into a global design and manufacturing hub, as intended by Prime Minister Modi`s “Make in India” program as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives”, says Wim Abbing, CEO Probat Group.

The roasters with a batch size capacity of 25kg which will be built at the new plant are of identical construction as the roasters produced in Europe.

However, these roasters will be more attractive for customers in India due to a lot of favorable factors. Probat Kaapi`s high quality service, reliable and fast support will further be guaranteed in the well-known kind by Probat`s extensive stock of spare parts and the know-how of its Indian technicians.

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