Thursday 02 February 2023

Pro.Ve.Ma. to launch latest version of the Separator at Host 2019

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MILAN, Italy – The already established presence of PRO.VE.MA. has a new momentum this year due to the presentation of new machinery – the most important is the latest version of the Separator, a machine that separates ground coffee from packaging, that is to say, hard and flexible capsules, pods, regular bags and vacuum packages.

In its 2019 version, the Separator incorporates four separation stages. A first coarse separation section has been added to guarantee a better result in all subsequent phases.

The Separator by PRO.VE.MA can be regarded as the only machine that provides a means to separate waste collection in the roasting plant. This machine meets the latest requirements of the food & beverage industry: the production processes must always become more efficient and reduce environmental impact.

Another flagship for PRO.VE.MA is the M.G. Provema roaster, with a 10 kg/batch capacity.

This roaster was designed for bar shops that want to produce coffee for retail. Its technical features make it easy to install, for example, it does not require a 380 V three-phase power supply, instead it operates at 220 V.

There is no need for compressed air because all automatic movements are carried out with electrically powered servo- controls.

The roaster includes a self-regulating software that automatically modifies the roasting parameters within a preset range of variables.

Once the recipe is loaded, the system automatically adjusts the burner’s output and regulates the opening of the air damper according to the different phases indicated by the roasting profile.

Every single step of the roasting process may also be observed and controlled remotely (e.g. PC, iPad or smartphone).

Both the machines will be exhibited at PRO.VE.MA booth at Host Milano. PRO.VE.MA. will be present at pavilion 22, booth N38 P37.

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