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Popular rapper Macklemore joins Dutch Bros as executive creative director


PHOENIX, Arizona, U.S. – Grammy-award winning rapper and songwriter Macklemore is teaming up with Dutch Bros. The popular Oregon-based coffee company Macklemore, whose real name is Benjamin Haggerty, as executive creative director.

The announcement was made at a Dutch Bros company event held at The Phoenician luxury resort in Phoenix near the Scottsdale border.

The artist appeared on screen in a pre-recorded message to announce his new job as an executive creative director at Dutch Bros, a national drive-through coffee chain. He then surprised employees by riding out in a golf cart to greet them in person.

A company spokesperson said he’ll be helping to develop new products and flavors on a short-term basis until this summer when he performs at an internal company event called COACHA.

“This is a natural partnership for us – Macklemore is a huge fan of our Cold Brew and we’re a huge fan of his creativity!” Dutch Bros spokesperson Melanie Spliethof said.

“Macklemore has a huge passion for music and helping teens (through his Residency program,) which aligns with our core values, as well. We’re about to launch a few products that truly make Cold Brew options limitless for our customers and he’ll be a key part of that.”

The rapper’s short-term contract with Dutch Bros that will finish by the end of summer. To cap it off, the Dutch Bros team has plans for Macklemore to perform at an internal company events for its baristas, held in Sacramento and Portland.