Friday 27 May 2022

Planetary Design introduces new Airscape Ceramic coffee canister

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BONNER, Mont., U.S. – Planetary Design, LLC, is excited to introduce the new Airscape Ceramic to its line of innovative, airtight coffee and food storage canisters. Planetary Design’s Airscape containers feature a patented inner lid that preserves the freshness and flavor of whole bean and ground coffee, and other perishable foods, for far longer than other “airtight” storage containers do.

The new Airscape Ceramic has the classic look of the original stainless steel canister with an elegant bamboo top lid that makes it the ideal storage solution for any kitchen. It is available in two sizes and four colors and retails for $29 to $33 at

“Our new Airscape Ceramic is a beautiful addition to our line of storage canisters and will look great on any kitchen counter. And, of course, it features our patented inner lid that locks out freshness-destroying air and extends the life of coffee and other perishable items,” said Jess J. Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design. “Coffee roasters will also like that the new Airscape Ceramic canister and top lid can be laser engraved with their brand to sell in their own shops.”

Made from high-quality glazed ceramic, the new Airscape canisters feature an elegant and sustainable bamboo top lid and a patented, BPA-free inner lid. The canisters are available in Cobalt, Obsidian, Slate and Snowflake colors in Small and Medium sizes. The Small stands 4 inches tall, holds approximately 1/2 pound of whole bean coffee and retails for $29, while the Medium is 7 inches tall, holds approximately 1 pound of coffee and retails for $33.

For coffee roasters and shops, the Airscape Ceramic can be ordered in wholesale quantities and customized with laser-engraved branding on the ceramic canister and bamboo top lid.

While most “airtight” food storage canisters trap air in with the contents, the patented inner lid of the Airscape forces air out through a valve as it is pressed down, then locks in place. This makes Airscape canisters the ideal storage solution to preserve the freshness and flavor of whole bean and ground coffee, and other perishable foods such as baking ingredients, nuts and seeds, loose tea and dried herbs, cereal and more.

For more information about Planetary Design’s new Airscape Ceramic coffee storage canister, other models in the Airscape line and the company’s French press coffee makers and drinkware, visit

Planetary Design

Planetary Design, LLC, is a Montana-based innovator in the design of coffee and tea brewing vessels, drinkware and food storage containers. Their product lines include double-wall insulated, stainless steel French press coffee makers with Brü-Stop™ technology to avoid the bitter taste of over-brewing, and patented Airscape® coffee, tea and food storage containers that preserve freshness and flavor. Planetary Design’s high-quality products are known for both functionality and durability, perfect for any adventurous coffee or tea lover. Find out more at

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