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Pay for your coffee with a poem

We often use cash to pay for coffee, but what if you could pay for your coffee with a poem? To celebrate World Poetry Day, you can do just that! 21st March 2016 is World Poetry Day and Julius Meinl want to celebrate and reward customers at the same time.

The Viennese coffee roaster is committed to making the world a better place through the power of poetry so on 21st March, customers can visit any participating location serving Julius Meinl coffee or tea and pay with a handwritten poem.

Also on a mission to inspire people through poetry, internationally acclaimed poet Robert Montgomery – heralded as the “text art Banksy” – is Julius Meinl’s global ambassador who, together with the Vienna-based coffee company, will help showcase how poetry can find a higher purpose

Speaking about the campaign, he explains, “I love how Pay With A Poem provides a little pocket of freedom, where money is replaced by poetry. Instead of using a banknote or a credit card people can transfer value to poetry, and use it as an alternative form of payment.

I think most people write poetry in adolescence and sort of abandon it in adulthood. With this initiative we’re encouraging everyone to reconnect with that forgotten poetic voice inside of them, and giving everyone’s voice equal value. 

There is also a great historical connection between coffee houses and literature, in Vienna and beyond, and we’re reviving that history in a modern and very democratic way.”

There only seem to be 2 UK stores participating but that may change – however, this is handy to know if you’re on holiday anywhere in the world as there are stores all over the globe.

So if you’re a poet and you know it, or not know it, get writing some poems down and exchange them for free tea or coffee…