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Paulig supports the EU framework on human rights, environmental due diligence


MILAN – Civil society organisation Business & Human Rights Resource Center (BHRRC) has called for joint action in brand companies’ support of legal regulation of human rights and environmental due diligence on the EU level: Paulig takes an active role in promoting an EU-wide solution and has signed the statement of support for an EU framework on mandatory due diligence.

Paulig is committed to respecting the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all its operations through the Ethical Principles of the company. Paulig also respects other international agreements such as the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

As a part of its sustainability approach, Paulig has set a goal to have all raw materials from high-risk areas externally verified sustainable by 2030.

This will require a still more systematic due diligence process and a holistic way of working with the suppliers and other partners (e.g. civil societies) throughout the value chain.

Paulig is in favour of EU-wide development of a harmonised approach on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence across different business sectors. The approach is based on international standards and emphasises collaboration.

Paulig welcomes the European Union and its member states’ efforts to introduce new mandatory human rights and environmental legislation and awaits the European Commission’s introduction of an EU-wide legislative proposal in 2021.

The company is ready to support this development through open dialogue with EU policymakers and other stakeholders.

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