Monday 29 May 2023

Paulig Latvia out-of-home coffee business is transferred to Sanitex

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RIGA, Latvia – Paulig Latvia SIA and Sanitex SIA have concluded an agreement to transfer Paulig Latvia Out of Home Coffee (OOH) business to Sanitex. As of 1 July 2022, Sanitex will be distributing Paulig Coffee assortment in the OOH segment in Latvia and take over the cooperation with Paulig Out of Home customers regards of renting and maintenance of the coffee machines as well as sale of coffee and other ingredients in Latvia.

“Sanitex has a strong HoReCa, Office & Vending segment coverage in Latvia and this change will give Sanitex and Paulig a possibility to offer OOH customers an even wider assortment, services and development prospect. We want to thank our Latvia Out-of-Home Coffee team for their hard work and strong commitment to developing the coffee culture in Latvia,” says Marta Piigli, Commercial Director, Out-of-Home Baltics at Paulig.

“We are confident that Sanitex will continue to deliver high value service and meaningful coffee moments in the Latvian Out-of-Home market. Paulig Out-of-Home Latvia will focus on driving growth in its main product categories Tex Mex, Spices and Snacks in the future, says Margarita Alabjeva-Vaišla, Country Sales Manager Out of Home, Paulig Latvia SIA.

Kārlis Ābele, Member of the Board of Sanitex, emphasises that more than 20 years of trust and partnership have always helped to find new opportunities for cooperation. “Paulig Out of Home’s business knowledge in coffee combined with our experience, strong sales and support teams and wide range of products, gives this cooperation new opportunities.”

Sanitex specialises in each of the business segments, successfully separating them into different sales divisions: HoReCa supply segment served by Promo Food Service and the office supply segment served by Officeday.

This approach allows us to focus on the needs of the individual customer, as the requirements differ in these segments – from the assortment to the service required.

On behalf of the company, Kārlis Ābele is expressing excitement for long and valuable cooperation and is very pleased to take the new opportunity of cooperation expansion! “We are committed to work by the highest standards so that client and consumer desire for coffee increases and is always served in the best possible way!”

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