Thursday 07 July 2022

Oxfam Fair Fairtrade Coffee: A partnership between Bean Alliance Group and Oxfam

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MELBOURNE, Australia – Bean Alliance Group, a company of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group located in Melbourne, Australia is a leader in ethical sustainable coffee in Australia. Many of its products are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and ACO Australian Certified Organic. This is a long-term demonstration of commitment to sustainability, evidence of this is the attainment of the GOLD 2019 Australian Certified Organic Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Year Award.

In partnership with Oxfam Australia for ten years as contract roaster of their FAIR brand coffee range, Bean Alliance Group and Oxfam formed a License Agreement to roast, market and distribute a line of premium coffee ethically sourced from the world’s leading coffee regions.

Oxfam is a worldwide-recognized organization known for promotion of workers’ dignity and fights against inequalities, tackling poverty.

Fairtrade and organic certified, Oxfam FAIR coffee takes you on a trip around the world with its carefully crafted single origins and premium blends to cater to all strengths and taste profiles. The Oxfam FAIR range is sourced using an ethical framework that ensures farmers are paid a fair price for their green (pre-roasted) coffee crops. Additionally, premiums are paid to empower communities to build better lives for themselves.

Bean Alliance Group contributes to the project paying to Oxfam a percentage from each pack sold. Both companies working together, funding programs to help tackle poverty around the world.

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