Monday 05 December 2022

Orang Utan Coffee Project to be present at the major trade shows this year

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Orang Utan Coffee – the project combines the conservation of the rainforest in Sumatra,
the protection of the orangutans and the support of coffee farmers with an exquisite
coffee taste.

This year Orang Utan Coffee will be present at several coffee shows.

Sumatra`s tropical rainforest provides the special microclimate where the unique Sumatran Arabica coffee thrives. At the same time, it is the natural habitat of the last surviving 14000 wild orangutans in Sumatra.

The destruction through palm oil cultivation endangers not only the orangutans but equally the livelihood of the local population.

Supporting small coffee farmers

The Orang Utan Coffee Project therefore supports small coffee farmers to respect the Indonesian national standards for organic farming and renounce from deforestation.

Due to the cultivation and distribution of the high-quality arabica coffee the natural habitat
of the orangutans will be protected.

The project combines sustainable business, resource efficiency, nature conservation and social responsibility.

Furthermore, it ensures a transparent retail chain with fair prices for the farmers.

The 50 cents premium

The Orang Utan Coffee farmers have been certified according to the Orangutan standards
and, besides a fair price, receive a premium of 0,50 EUR per kilogram exported green bean in return for their environmental services.

Another premium of 0,50 EUR per kilogram exported green beans goes to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) of Swiss PanEco Foundation.

The SOCP is campaigning for the holistic protection of the orangutans in Sumatra since 1999. In the rescue and nursing station the endangered or ill orangutans are treated and prepared for a (new) life in their natural environment before being released.

In two reintroduction stations the orangutans are gradually released while being continually monitored.

Helping to establish self-sustaining populations

The released orangutans help to establish new, self-sustaining populations. Research, monitoring and targeted lobbying to protect and conserve are the main instruments of the SOCP.

More than 60 roasters worldwide are supporting the Orang Utan Coffee Project so far. To
further expand the work of the SOCP in Sumatra the project team works passionately to
inspire more customers.

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