”Open your home coffee shop” – Nok Nok Café is now expanding

OTTAWA and TORONTO, Canada – While people are increasingly connected through tablets and smartphones, social isolation is progressing. This affects everyone’s wellbeing. Connecting in real life is why Nok Nok CAFE was started.

Nok Nok CAFE allows everyone to create their own coffee bar at home, to serve people locally and from around the world to make unique encounters while earning extra money.

”We use the latest technology for people to reconnect in real life. Individuals opening themselves to others by welcoming them into their homes.

Like Airbnb where you share your space for long hours or with UBER where you share a car with people by driving them. Nok Nok CAFE makes it easy, simple and efficient to meet people we probably wouldn’t have otherwise” says Eric Azara, founder.

The web and mobile platform gives visitors’ access to nearby hosts. This is all done securely. Hosts create their menu and indicate their opening hours. Payment is made via the application.

Nok Nok CAFE has launched recently in Montreal and Quebec city. It already has hundreds of registrants and hosts.

”What do you take when you mix Canadian kindness, the best beverage on earth and 21st century technology? The new way for friendly stimulating conversation.” Éric Azara concluded.