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IMA COFFEE HUB at Sigep, solutions for coffee processing and packaging from A to Z

MILAN – IMA Group, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of automatic equipment able to reach every corner of the coffee processing and packaging universe, will show at Sigep a Petroncini Specialty Roaster, the TT 5/10.

IMA has recently established the Coffee Hub, a cluster of specialist brands, each providing a key slice of the experience and expertise needed to serve the coffee industry from A to Z.

Able to ensure market-leading competences, industry experience and application-specific know-how encompassing all stages of coffee handling, processing and packaging, IMA has created the hub in an aim to leverage expertise at every step of coffee processing or packaging and be the one-stop answer to large and small coffee producers worldwide.

IMA Coffee Hub reaches every corner of the coffee handling, processing and packaging universe.

Comprising a handful of expert companies and supported through consolidated, strategic partnerships, IMA can now address any issue facing coffee producers, starting from when green coffee is delivered to when bulk-packaged capsules, pods and ground coffee or beans are shipped to retail outlets.

Through its Petroncini brand, IMA provides equipment for green coffee handling and processing, roasters and grinders. Further green coffee systems for handling, sorting, cleaning and storage are available thanks to special partnerships with the industry’s leading names.

For coffee roasting

When it comes to roasting, the product range includes traditional roasters covering small, medium and large volumes up to 720 kg per cycle.

Specially developed convection roasting technology ensures uniformity, repeatability and allows the coffee to achieve the preferred aroma. IMA also supplies grinding solutions for all production volumes, ensuring consistently reproducible quality. The Hub also provides degassing systems and storage equipment.

Packaging technologies

Once your coffee is ready for the next major step, there is no need to look further than IMA Coffee Hub. Packaging is the group’s key expertise and knowledge of the coffee industry is consolidated and spreads well across the globe. Capsules, pods, cartoning, form-fill-seal, end-of-line packaging are all part of the offering.

Spreafico, now a part of IMA Group, specialises in designing machines for the packaging of coffee capsules

Recently acquired by IMA, Spreafico is specialised in designing machines for the packaging of coffee capsules and soluble products, and renowned for developing machinery to customise standard capsules.

Machines for soft and hard pods are part of the line-up developed by Gima

whose solutions enable customers to rapidly respond to diverse market requirements. Single serve capsule fillers from GIMA, Spreafico and Mapster, provide high, medium and low-speed solutions. GIMA also builds cutting-edge secondary packaging solutions.

Part of the Hub and with 25 years of specific experience, vertical form-fill-seal expert Tecmar

It specialises in machines handling dosed filling of flexible, sealed packages in all shapes and sizes.

The Petroncini Specialty Roaster TT 5/10 has a traditional and compact design

A new model of Specialty Roaster TT 5/10, the Petroncini roasting machine that roasts from 3 to 10kg per batch, is set to go on display at Sigep. Compact and easy to install, thanks to its single-phase power system, the new TT5/10 has been designed for small specialty roasteries and for coffee research and training centres.

Thanks to heat control, roasting air volume and the drum rotation speed, this roasting machine can in fact let you vary the method of transferring heat to the bean, achieving a perfect balance between convection and conduction, according to the desired end product.

We can thus succeed in achieving countless sensory profiles, developing the coffee’s deepest aromas, from light roasting to the very darkest.


IMA TT 5/10
Petroncini Specialty Roaster TT5/10

These machines are equipped with high-performance and adjustable technological components, which allow for full control of the roasting process to let you achieve a product that is constant from a quality viewpoint and repeatable in terms of taste and aromas.