Sunday 14 August 2022

Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia Wave, the sustainable “eco-friendly” coffee machine

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy — Presented at HOST 2017, the Aurelia Wave immediately attracted great interest among professional baristas around the world.

The new top of the range of Nuova Simonelli coffee machine has strong innovative elements, in both style and ergonomics, as well as advanced technology which makes it reliable and extremely precise.

In addition to these immediately evident innovations, there is an equally innovative aspect that makes this new machine even more deeply appreciated: sustainability.

In the Aurelia Wave, sustainability of the entire machine is particularly enhanced, both from the way it is made and from the way it is run, touching levels never reached before.

The Aurelia Wave incorporates practical applications found during seven years of studies conducted by Nuova Simonelli in collaboration with university research centres.

Life Cycle Assessment

These help understand the environmental impact of coffee equipment, through the methodology of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

This verifies the influence that a product, process or service has in environmental terms during its life, from the moment it is produced until its disposal.

A particularly complex method, but one which gives a very precise and immediate measure of the impact that each product leaves on our ecosystem.

New technological solutions

These studies have allowed Nuova Simonelli to introduce new technological solutions in Aurelia Wave that drastically reduce CO2 emissions, both during production and during the entire life cycle of the machine.

At the same time these raise the quality of its performance and reduce consumption.

All this was achieved by intervening on two fronts: on one side using noble materials, especially regarding their types, quantities and weight, on the other the introduction of advanced extraction technologies and control of the functioning parameters of the machine.

This is why Aurelia Wave is a machine with an excellent energy saving index, consistent with environmental certifications. This makes any environment where it is installed environmentally sustainable and “eco-friendly”.

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