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STARBUCKS BOSS AT THE COUNTER – Howard Schultz makes espresso using an Italian coffee machine

A very meaningful picture taken from the Instagram site of Espressoparts, not a very easy one to find.

In fact, the man you can see in the picture is Starbucks President and CEO Howard Schultz at the counter of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle.

No pose, no glowing smile, he doesn’t even seem to realise that someone took a picture.

He is tamping the grind coffee for an espresso like any other barista in one the 21,000 Starbucks outlets around the world.  Just concentrating on his work.

Looking at the picture one can notice a full array of coffee grinders Mithos One from Nuova Simonelli – all aligned on the counter, coupled with an espresso machine Victoria Arduino VA 388.

As a connoisseur who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine art of coffee making, Howard Schultz can’t help using, if he has to choose, coffee grinders and espresso machines made in Italy.