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November 12 is the last day to register to Coffee Science Certificate 2

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy — November 12 is the deadline for enrolling in the second level course of the Coffee Science Certificate The course will be held on November 22-24 at Simonelli Group factory in Italy. Unlike CSC-1 where we focused on coffee as a ‘raw product’, in CSC-2 we will focus on coffee as a ‘semi-finished’ product and explore its chemistry.

This new course will focus primarily on the processing stages of coffee, namely the chemistry of coffee roasting, aroma formation, olfaction, decaffeination technology and a more advanced section of organic acids. The course will run a 2.5 days and will include both theoretical and hands-on exercises to convey key fundamentals in this second level track.

Discover more about CSC-2 four modules:

  • The Chemistry of Roasting: This module will explore the science and chemistry behind coffee roasting. The course will begin with a brief overview of roasting fundamentals, heat transfer, roasting technology, flavor development and overall roasting chemistry. All students completing this course will gain a deeper understanding of the physical and chemical reactions occurring during roasting, as well as an in-depth look at the a number of important chemical reactions including the Maillard Reaction and Caramelization.
  • Organic Acids Chemistry: This module will expand on the Organic Acids module presented in CSC-1. A discussion on acid decomposition, roasting effects and its overall impact on the cup will be discussed. This module will be accompanied with more advanced tasting exercises.
  • The Chemistry of Aroma: This module will explore the formation of aromas during the roasting process as well as explore how precursors play a role in the development of flavor. An in depth discussion of aroma perception, physiology and other physiochemical aspects of olfaction will be explored.
  • Decaffeination Chemistry: This will explore the process of decaffeination chemistry, compare the various methods currently on the market and discuss issues related to coffee quality.

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