Thursday 18 August 2022

Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing solves the coffee paradox through science

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SPRINGFIELD, MO, USA – The No Air Coffee company announces their new patent pending coffee maker called the NoAir Coffee System. Their Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing process solves the coffee lovers paradox through science by removing trapped carbon dioxide without exposing ground coffee to air while brewing, which in turn prevents the formation of stomach churning carbonic acid.

The inventor of the NoAir Coffee System, Tony Dodd, made the discovery while trying to create a better cold brewer. “My relationship with hot brew had hit rock bottom, so I pursued cold brew as a way to stay in the game. The process worked well with cold brew, so I tried it with hot brew, and that changed everything. It’s the best of both worlds; the smoothness of cold brew, with all the amazing flavors available in hot brew.”

The Super-Bloom of foam produced is evidence that carbon dioxide is being thoroughly removed. Dodd explains, “trapped carbon dioxide restricts ground coffee from absorbing the brew water, which prevents a full flavor extraction. The flavors available in modern coffees are amazing once the CO² is removed.”

Taste testers wholeheartedly agree. A.S. from Tennessee touted, ”The next step in the evolution of coffee.” M.D. from Texas proclaimed, “This is the best coffee drink I’ve ever had, anywhere!” And E.J. from Bali burst out with, “That’s so good I want to chug my face off!”

While the chemistry is complicated, the actual brewing process is not. The step-by-step video on the company’s website demonstrates the several simple steps required and voila! Amazing coffee ready to pour in less than 3 minutes.

The No Air home brewer also makes espresso style hot concentrate, cold brew, and tea. It makes three 6 ounce servings (six 3 ounce servings of concentrate), and produces no environmental pollution. Components store neatly inside vessel for excellent portability. Retail price is $99.99 ($59.99 on in November 2021, and planned for launch on Amazon January 2022.

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