Tuesday 04 October 2022

Nexe receives first Xoma Superfoods order from PSC Natural Foods

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VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – NEXE Innovations Inc., a leader in plant-based materials manufacturing, is pleased to announce retail distribution for five of its XOMA Superfoods beverages into PSC Natural Foods. PSC Natural Foods Ltd. (“PSC”), part of Horizon Distributors Ltd. (“Horizon”), is a leading natural and organic foods distributor with a network of over 200 stores serving Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

PSC, which focuses on grocery and wellness, placed their first purchase order for all five varieties of the Company’s XOMA Superfoods line.

“We are excited to partner with PSC to provide consumers access to our nutrient-dense, fully compostable and Keurig single-serve brewing systems compatible superfood beverages,” said Ash Guglani, President of NEXE. “As we expand our distribution network, we are able to better increase our market presence and continue showcasing our XOMA Superfoods line creating a strong base for expansion in the North American marketplace. The fact that PSC has already placed their first order shows their mutual excitement for this innovative and unique line of superfood products.”

“All XOMA Superfoods products are packaged in our signature NEXE Pods, which are made of plant-based materials and sustainably manufactured in North America.”

“Our fully compostable pods have been introduced at a key time when our competitors are being fined for greenwashing and worldwide legislation is continually being introduced against single-use plastics. Our NEXE beverage pods can be disposed of immediately after use, leave no mess, and do not need to be disassembled before composting, making it convenient to integrate more plant-based products into your life. The pods could break down completely in municipal compost facilities in as few as 35 days,” added Guglani.

All five XOMA Superfoods product lines are each sold in packages of 12 pods and are compatible with Keurig single-serve brewing systems.

The superfood market is projected(1) to reach $209.1 billion (USD) by 2026 with a CAGR of 7.3% according to KBV Research.

Learn more about XOMA Superfoods online at: https://xomasuperfoods.com/

*NEXE Innovations Inc. is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Keurig. Keurig is a registered trademark of Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc.
**NEXE Innovations Inc. is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Nespresso. Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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