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NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY – New market entrant introduced by ninety plus coffee

DENVER, CO, US – The creators of Ninety Plus Coffee, globally recognized Boutique Specialty Coffee producer, announced today that a new business division is launching LEVEL UP Coffee as an entrant in the Specialty Coffee category.

The Level Up brand is built on the strong tradition of Ninety Plus Coffee as an industry leader and innovator.

Level Up is positioned in the upper quality and price tier of the Specialty Coffee category.  The goal is to connect customers to high volume, high quality, exclusive coffees at a price that represents exceptional value.

“Our market entry will disrupt the Specialty category based on its innovations, pricing, and focus on underserved customer needs,” according to a company spokesman.

Similar to the innovation in the Boutique category by Ninety Plus, Level Up crafts distinct Taste Profiles on its farms and co-production projects situated in choice regional lands of Ethiopia and Panama.

Level Up coffees are made through an unparalleled range of terrains, varieties, and processes.  However, Level Up will be a separate brand and distinct from Ninety Plus in its business model to craft large batch, higher volume, lower price Taste Profiles to order.

Level Up makes six Taste Profile coffees, both natural and washed, in 100 bag (60kg/bag) minimum units.  Subject to major market price moves, Level Up will offer customers coffees in the range from $3.00 to $6.00 USD/lb, based on quality and quantity.  Level Up is positioned to fill a gap in the otherwise large Specialty category.

Level Up is led by Ashenafi Argaw, former Director of the Sidamo Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia and now Director of Ethiopian Coffee Development with Ninety Plus Coffee.

“Ashenafi brings a deep understanding and years of experience in volume coffee production and logistics,” said Joseph Brodsky, founder and CEO of Ninety Plus.  “We are confident he will build a distinct and respected brand in the industry,” Brodsky said.

“Early indications are that our volume business through the Level Up division will be very successful,” said Brad Forst , Ninety Plus President and COO.   “We will continue to lead with the Ninety Plus brand in the Boutique Specialty category which is growing briskly.

Now with this launch, the Level Up brand will create substantial volumes and sales which is part of our strategy to scale the business of Ninety Plus Holdings,” he said.

Ninety Plus Holdings is headquartered in Denver and has offices in Miami, Phoenix, and Panama.