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NEW ZEALAND – Coffee Festival Caffeination to make a bold return in 2015!

After delivering a big caffeine hit to the Capital in 2014, Caffeination is set to make a bold return this year on the 21st -22nd March.

Mirroring the rapid growth of the Coffee Industry in NZ, the festival will be moving into the TSB Bank Arena, …Coffee Festival Caffeination Set to Make a Bold Return in 2015!


After delivering a big caffeine hit to the Capital in 2014, Caffeination is set to make a bold return this year on the 21st -22nd March. Mirroring the rapid growth of the Coffee Industry in NZ, the festival will be moving into the TSB Bank Arena, a much bigger venue from last year.

The big move is a result of high attendance figures in March 2014 coupled with the positive reception it received from the public and the coffee industry itself.

2015 will see a stronger collaboration between the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) and the festival which will produce a more interactive event for the public to experience and enjoy.

The NZSCA will bring everything and everyone associated with specialty coffee together in one location at one time.

The NZ Coffee Championships are a highly-caffeinated four-day event in which the nation’s best coffee makers and roasters compete to showcase their skills in front of panels of expert judges, industry leaders, industry peers, and the general public.

There are four competitions held over four days starting on Thursday, 19th March: the Meadowfresh NZ Latte Art Championship, the NZ Huhtamaki Barista Championship, the Huhtamaki NZ Cup Tasters Championship, and the AeroPress NZ Brewers Cup Championship.

The winner of each competition goes on to represent New Zealand at the World Championship of their respective competition in the same year.

The NZSCA is proud and excited to be hosting the current World Barista Champion, Hidenori Izaki, during the four competitions.

Hidenori is at the top of his game and is a very engaging ambassador for specialty coffee. He will be co-emceeing and conducting public demonstrations on stage. He will be heavily involved – inspiring competitors and audience members alike.

The NZ Barista Guild will host four public Coffee Workshops at Caffeination 2015 on the 21st -22nd March (free of charge) and the exhibitors are really thinking outside the coffee cup in innovative ways to showcase what they do to provide a really unique experience for the public.

Coffee has become such an integral part of our daily lives and, for many, has developed into an obsession and art form.

With far more exhibitors than last year and a real focus of getting the public involved, Caffeination aims to bridge the gap between the coffee producers and the public with a celebration of this exciting industry.

With CNN naming Wellington as one of the best coffee cities globally in 201, it seems only fitting Wellington is to play host to this exciting event.

Caffeination gold sponsor Coffee Supreme is excited to announce its plans to launch a unique coffee experience at Caffeination 2015, with their own custom-made, hands-on exhibition which simulates the journey coffee takes from its origin at harvest to its final resting place in coffee cups in cafes and homes across New Zealand.

Through this unique experience, the public will have the rare opportunity to not only learn about how coffee is processed but to try their hand at making it for themselves.

Coffee Supremes exhibit “This is Coffee” brings together the distinct worlds of Coffee: what happens here in New Zealand with what happens at remote farms where coffee is grown.

Retail manager for Coffee Supreme, Benn Crawford:

“Perhaps only a few thousand New Zealanders know how Coffee is cultivated and processed before it’s roasted. We hope to provide Caffeination goers with a very special experience about coffee and do the coffee growers justice which their product and hard work deserves”

Whatever your involvement or level of interest in the Coffee Industry, Caffeination promises an experience for everyone.

Come take part, see and experience all things Coffee under one roof over 2 days! Engage with the exhibitors and “feel the buzz”

“We are delighted to be coming back in 2015, after the huge support we received last year, this year will be even bigger and better!

We are working closely with the NZSCA to really get the public engaged with a seminar series and barista demonstrations. Caffeination is also moving to a much larger venue, The TSB Bank Arena – so the pressure is on.

With all this happening we are very excited with what we will be serving up to the capital and the many visitors to the city”, exclaims CMNZL’s Dean Bradley the Director of the festival.

With the big move into the TSB Bank Arena there is an increase in the number of exhibitors. Expect many more of your loved specialty brands in attendance, showcasing their uniqueness and sharing with you their wealth of experience.

The NZ Coffee Championships will be held over four days from Thursday 19th March. Caffeination will be a two day festival held alongside the Championships over the weekend of the Saturday the 21st and 22nd of March, all to be held on Wellington’s beautiful waterfront.’

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