Saturday 25 March 2023

New SCA research on packaging and flavor perception finds funding

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MILAN – The SCA partners with Savor Brands on research into understanding the effect of packaging on the perception of specialty coffee. The project will run for two years and aims to understand how packaging affects and influences consumers’ perceptions of specialty coffee quality, attributes, and value. “Multisensory perception is one of the most exciting fields of consumer research, and at a time when more people are consuming coffee at home, it’s essential that we understand the ways packaging influences how people experience specialty coffee,” said Peter Giuliano, SCA Chief Research Officer and Executive Director the Coffee Science Foundation.

“We’re grateful to Savor Brands for their vision in supporting this kind of cutting-edge research.”

This project will be led by PhD coffee researchers trained in psychology, food science, and/or multisensory product evaluation.

Spanning multiple geographies, the research will explore the impact of packaging variables

such as package shape, size, color, texture, sound, and imagery—to reveal new opportunities to enhance consumers’ specialty coffee drinking experience.

This project is especially timely as more and more consumers are purchasing whole bean coffee for consumption at home.

“For many years, Savor Brands has been pushing the limits in redefining how specialty coffee is perceived by elevating brands through packaging,” said Marc Marquez, Director of Coffee at Savor Brands. “We are pleased to be partnering with the Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Science Foundation on this research and look forward to working with everyone to share these results with the industry.”

Outputs are expected to include a series of academic and popular press publications as well as a series of lectures at various coffee events, like the SCA’s Sensory Summit and Re:co Symposium.

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The Coffee Science Foundation (CSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of coffee and securing its future through research, knowledge-building, and outreach. The CSF is a unifying force that drives collaborative, pre-competitive, and scientifically rigorous research that benefits the entire coffee community, including the coffee consuming public. The results of CSF-managed projects are then disseminated to the global coffee community at events, through publications, and coffee education programs. To learn more about the Coffee Science Foundation, visit

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