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New Mazzer “ZM” coffee grinder showcased at Specialty Coffee Expo

SEATTLE, U.S. – Founded in Venice, Italy, in 1948, Mazzer quickly became synonym with excellence in the field of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers, nowadays, after almost 70 years, the company is still focused on R&D and innovation.

This week in Seattle at Global Specialty Coffee Expo Mazzer unveils “ZM”: the new state of the art coffee grinder designed for specialty coffee.


Conceived to meet barista’s needs, Mazzer’s engineering team has designed a coffee grinder inspired by the iconic ZM machine produced by Mazzer in the old firm nearby Venice almost 60 years ago.

The title of the cult movie “Back to the future” may well describe this grinder. The design of the original ZM has been skillfully updated and combined with high tech technology to bring baristas the ultimate coffee experience.

Let’s see why ZM can well be considered a turning point in Mazzer’s product range.

The lowest coffee retention ever seen, less than 0.45 grams. This means that one bean you grind and one bean you get ground, no waste and no contamination of different coffees in the grinding chamber.

Perfect burr parallelism, no need for the barista to calibrate the grinders’ blades alignment to get the better coffee uniformity.

ZM’s innovative technology keeps coffee grounds cooler to preserve coffee flavor and taste compounds thanks to a ventilation system with electronic control and also to low r.p.m. with excellent grinding speed (rotation per minute 900 (50Hz) r.p.m. – 1050 (60 Hz) r.p.m.).

ZM features a micrometrical motorized grind adjustment mechanism to get the maximum precision, 20 pre-programmed grind settings can be recorded on the control panel via the LCD display, the new patented lockable canister keeps the counter spick and span, not to forget the service notice to keep track of the grinder’s performance.

After Global Specialty Coffee expo in Seattle ZM will be showcased at World of Coffee Budapest in June.

Stay tuned!

More info www.mazzer.com/en/coffee-grinders/zmwww.mazzer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/ZM_depliant.pdf