Monday 28 November 2022

NEW IDEAS – Evolve 3.0, a versatile modular coffee brewing device

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The ritual of brewing your daily coffee should never get stale. Neither should your brewing methods, so imagine having one device which gives you the choice of three methods to suit your mood, season or weather.

Well thanks to the Evolve 3.0 which is now live on Kickstarter, this could become a reality.

A talented team from Wellington NZ led by Ramsey Gyde, who shared his idea with two industrial designers Jason Stephens and Jeremy Brooker, have collectively spent the last three years refining the concept, developing the design and producing several working prototypes to being production ready.

The Evolve 3.0 is designed to make it easy for anyone who likes to experiment with coffee brewing methods to achieve a truly barista-quality standard coffee at home.

“Our aim was to integrate our three favourite processes into one elegant solution that expands the experience and possibilities of what can be achieved with a single brewing device”, says Ramsey Gyde.

Ramsey, who has been involved in the coffee industry for a number of years, believes this device will appeal to coffee lovers and mainstream coffee drinkers who take pleasure from their daily coffee brewing experience.

“We have considered the end user in every aspect of it’s development, it’s adaptive and intuitive design allows for seamless transitions between brewing methods, and our choice of materials will ensure the Evolve 3.0 is not out of place in any living environment,” he says.

“Our Kickstarter goal is to gauge support prior to committing the first production run – tooling alone could reach $150,000.00.  But without creators and backers, projects like this never happen, so we are thankful of the crowd-funding platform – Kickstarter,” says Ramsey.

The Evolve 3.0 is believed to be a world-first and already the team are looking at developing a variant of this device with an integrated heating element and a conical burr grinder accessory.

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