Wednesday 22 March 2023

New courses for plant-based coffee beverages launched with Mumac Academy and Alpro

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MILAN — An in-person training programme aimed at baristas and professionals in the sector and exploring the fabulous world of plant-based drinks and their use in cafés has been launched. The training is being delivered as part of a partnership between MUMAC Academy and Alpro. Delivered by qualified MUMAC Academy trainers and run thanks to the support of the LaCimbali and Faema brands, the courses will provide the opportunity to get to know these types of plant-based products and discover how to best use soya, almond, oat and coconut drinks, making the most of them when offering them to customers.

The aim of the partnership is to respond promptly to current trends that see plant-based foods increasingly in demand in cafés, as well as to promote the consumption of less well-known alternative drinks with original and tasty recipes.

The courses, which include a demonstration theoretical part and a practical part, will be held from 16 June until the end of July at MUMAC Academy LAB locations across Italy. The last event on the programme will be held in Rome on 21 July.

The courses have limited places, so participants will need to register, which they can do by contacting LAB directly.

All participants will receive a free Alpro product kit and a special recipe book.

Programme of courses

Mumac Academy

Since its foundation in 2014, MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s training centre for professionals and coffee lovers, has trained more than 9,500 people with over 40 modules in its training programme and 1200 days of in-person and online courses. In fact, the academy’s training activities have never stopped, transforming the courses for baristas and professionals into digital courses through the ‘MUMAC Academy Web Arena’. A digital stage devoted to the training and promotion of coffee culture that has seen renowned trainers, prestigious coffee gurus and international coffee influencers discuss the fascinating world of coffee.



Alpro was founded in 1980 in Belgium on a pioneering insight: to launch a line of 100% plant-based drinks that would be perfect for people and good for the planet. The recipe for Alpro’s soya drink was born and soon became popular on the market, leading to the expansion of production in France and England. In 2012, diversification began, with almond, hazelnut, coconut and oat-based products. 2019 saw the launch of the Alpro Barista for Professionals line: drinks with a high-performance formula designed by baristas for baristas.

These drinks complement café menus with plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk for customers increasingly looking for healthy, sustainable options and variety of taste. Meanwhile, in 2017 it joined the Danone group, and in 2018 it received B-Corporation certification, a major global award for companies that care about the environment and social issues, as well as economic performance.

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