Saturday 04 February 2023

A new coffee ecosystem

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According to the ICO (International Coffee Organization), world coffee consumption in a year can total around 150.2 million bags (each bag weighs 130 lbs).

Yet, less than 1% of the whole grain is consumed in a cup of coffee, wasting millions of tons of nutrient-rich biomass. What to do with all this unused energy?!

The HIFA coffee maker explores this question in the form of a far-out yet reasonable appliance that considers the sustainability and final consumption of the user.

But how? The reason might surprise you… MUSHROOMS! The coffee grinds are reused with an easy transfer of the material to a section of the appliance dedicated to growing mushrooms that the user can use later for cooking.

Hifa’s design assures optimal darkness and humidity conditions for mycelium proliferation as well as an excellent infusion vessel for brewing coffee based on the French press coffee maker principles.

Its double-walled vessel body reduces heat dissipation, keeping coffee hot longer. At the same time, coffee grounds are stocked inside the lower compartments ready to be inoculated and when mycelium spreads through the coffee grounds its time to sprinkle some water, wait a couple of days and reap some excellent quality mushrooms!

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