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Nestlé enhances production at its factories in the United Arab Emirates

Nestlé UAE

MILAN – In an ongoing drive to tackle evolving needs stemming from the COVID19 pandemic, Nestlé has enhanced manufacturing at its two food and two water factories in the United Arab Emirates to meet increased demand on certain essential products. The company has also donated 200,000 Food and Beverage servings to relief efforts run by entities including the Dubai Health Authority, provided 60,000 face masks to hospitals, and supported local initiatives such as the Emirates Red Crescent “Homeland Fund”.

Through the Nestlé UAE Operations hub, the company exports close to 100,000 metric tons of goods to about 30 countries around the world every year, primarily to 19 Middle East and North Africa countries. Around 50% of Nestlé’s total food manufacturing output in the country meets the needs of the local UAE market, with the remainder supplying regional demand.

“We are very grateful to be operating in the environment nurtured by governments in the UAE, which greatly enhances our ability to meet people expectations,” said Yasmine Berbir, Nestlé’s General Business Manager in the UAE.

“Our priorities focus on three main objectives: 1. safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our collaborators, business partners and the communities we are a part of; 2. ensuring continued production and delivery of food and beverage products to help meet the nutritional needs of individuals and families; and 3. stepping up relief efforts to local communities and healthcare professionals.”

The local efforts are part of Nestlé mobilizations in the Middle East and North Africa supporting more than 30 entities in 17 countries, where the company has so far impacted more than 100,000 families and donated 10 million food and beverage servings as part of an ongoing donations campaign.

In addition, the company’s various divisions are contributing in their different expertise. Nestlé Professional for example continues to offer pragmatic support to its business partners in the hospitality industry, as they reopen to welcome back their customers.

This is being done through its “Always open for You” initiative which benefited over 600 foodservice outlets in the UAE, with offerings including over 125,000 Nescafé cups, payment term extensions, coffee machine rental fees suspensions, and provision of free products, trainings, marketing and other services.