Monday 08 August 2022

Nespresso launches two new limited edition iced coffees for the summer

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With summer temperatures soaring, Nespresso has created two limited edition iced coffees, to help beat the rising summer heat.

The new Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato coffees have beeninspired by renowned  Italian iced coffee recipes, so to bring them to life at home Nespressohas created a couple of its own thirst quenching recipes to try.

Ispirazione Shakerato (25ml & 40ml)

A full-bodied, smooth iced coffee with cocoa aromas and long-lasting roasted notes. Best prepared using the VIEW Shaker Mini Kit shaker with ice and sugar using the Caffè Shakerato recipe.

Ispirazione Salentina (25ml & 40ml)

A bold coffee with a smooth and round texture, revealing nutty aromas together with roasted notes. From the region of Salento in Puglia, this coffee is indulgent and best prepared with cane sugar syrup, ice cubes and almond milk using the Caffè Alla Salentina recipe.


Caffè Shakerato by Nespresso

1. Add 1 Nespresso sugar stick** in a VIEW Recipe glass with lid or shaker

2. Extract 40ml coffee on top

3. Add 3 Nespresso ice cubes*

4. Shake it!

Caffè alla Salentina by Nespresso

1. Add 2 Nespresso ice cubes* into a VIEW Lungo glass

2. Pour 30ml of almond milk on top (or alternatively cow’s milk)

3. Delicately add 5ml of sugar cane syrup

4. Extract 25ml coffee on top

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