Tuesday 03 October 2023

Nespresso invites to embrace positive vibes

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Nespresso invites Malaysians to embrace positivity and ‘feel good’ moments over Barista Creations for Ice coffee range and its thoughtfully crafted coffee recipes. Inspired by the delicious flavours of the tropics and in honour of Brazil’s national drink – the Caipirinha – the lime and mint take centre stage resulting in the refreshing new Barista Creations Liminha over Ice coffee. The sunlight lemon yellow and tropical leaf print that adorns Nespresso’s latest summer designs also pays homage to Brazil’s vibrant landscape, ready to unite coffee lovers through positivity and good vibes.

Paying tribute to the positive Brazilian vibes, the campaign encourages coffee lovers to press the reset button and practice new habits that will take them to where they want to be, through a set of wellness practices named the “Summer Rituals”.

Aimed to provide positive inspiration and guidance, the rituals consist of actionable wellness practices including Sip & Shine (setting ourselves up for the day), Sip & Breathe (connecting with ourselves), Sip & Escape (connecting with nature), and Sip & Bloom (connecting with others and friends), which ultimately advocates for better routines and lifestyles. These rituals will be communicated across the campaign through positive mantras, coffee recipes and content surrounding healthy living.

Nespresso believes that this is the ideal moment to implement new routines, be it a regular morning espresso alongside yoga practice, or a refreshing iced coffee whilst reflecting and journaling, coffee is the grounding element that helps to sustain these uplifting rituals.

To further elevate the experience, Nespresso teams up with international figure and Brazilian-native Alessandra Ambrosio to be the face of the campaign to personify the positive mantras and uplifting rituals. Alessandra Ambrosio has always been an advocate for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Alongside the mindful mantras and exotic new iced flavoured coffees, Nespresso’s summer collection brings with it limited-edition accessories, coupled with refreshing cold coffee recipes. All of this will be brought to life via the campaign film, which showcases our uplifting rituals manifested by Alessandra Ambrosio, grounded in Brazil and powered by great coffee.

Nespresso: Refreshing coffee blends to keep the heat at bay

This year’s refreshing addition to the Nespresso Barista Creations for Ice range is tropical lime and mint sensations that will keep the heat at bay.

Bringing the Brazilian summer to coffee lovers, the Liminha over Ice is inspired by the zesty Brazilian flavours with the note of lime and mint splash through lightly roasted coffees from around the world. As the classic tropical combination meets the light and delicately fruity Arabicas, a lemony sweetness and a hint of bitterness emerge in this coffee made to be enjoyed with ice.

The Liminha over Ice is inspired by the zesty Brazilian flavours with the note of lime and mint splash

The new coffee is available alongside the popular Barista Creations for Ice Coconut Flavour over Ice and the seasonal Barista Creations for Ice black coffees – Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato – that are making a comeback.

The Liminha over Ice is inspired by the zesty Brazilian flavours with the note of lime and mint splash

The Barista Creations for Ice is best served as one coffee capsule (espresso, 40ml) over a handful of ice cubes (90g) and top it up with cold water and cold milk (90ml) to bring out its full flavour. NESPRESSO carefully designed the roasting and grinding parameters for each blend, to ensure the flavour and quality of the coffee remains top notch even when the ice has melted. With just a simple touch of a button on our coffee machines – be it the Nespresso Atelier or the Nespresso Essenza Mini – coffee drinkers can be ready for a feel-good moment with Nespresso coffees this summer.

To liven up the coffee moments, Nespresso has curated some innovative iced coffee recipes to enjoy in the height of Malaysia weather, namely Brazilian-Inspired Mocktail, Liminha Over Ice Refresher, Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé, Freddo Intenso Fig Banana Shake and Freddo Delicato Maracujá Frappé for a refreshing coffee experience. These recipes can be found at https://www.nespresso.com/recipes.

‘Inhale, Exhale, Enjoy’ with a selection of accessories

Nespresso is also offering two limited edition coffee mugs with sleek and sunny designs. Each one showcasing one of Nespresso’s positive mantras – ‘Brew, Breathe, Bloom’ and ‘Inhale, Exhale, Enjoy’, suitable for both hot and cold coffees to be enjoyed in style. The coffee mugs are signed by Alessandra Ambrosio, who will be personifying the positive mantras and uplifting rituals by NESPRESSO.

Commenting on her involvement with the Nespresso summer campaign, Alessandra Ambrosio said: “Summer is my favourite time of the year, and as a Brazilian, I’m so proud to be the face of a campaign which is inspired by my home country. I love the concept of coffee marking important moments of reflection throughout the day. I’m so excited to be a part of such an uplifting campaign and to work with NESPRESSO to bring to life these delicious recipes, summery accessories, and quality coffee – and the Liminha over Ice really is Brazilian summer in a cup!”

For the full-blown barista experience, Nespresso has also launched a new micro-brushed stainless- steel Barista Shaker, ideal for preparing the ultimate barista-style coffee recipes. The large holes for straining create a generous crema for an impressive finish.

For summer fun on-the-go, the classic Nomad Travel Mug has been launched in a brand-new ocean blue colour, and portable iced coffees can be enjoyed alongside Nespresso’s selection of beach merch, including the Nespresso upcycled beach towel, beach pouch and water bottle.

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