Monday 08 August 2022

Nespresso Essenza Mini campaign celebrates little things in life

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HONG KONG – In a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, every inch of living space is precious, and bigger isn’t always better in the fragrant harbour.

To introduce its smallest ever coffee machine Essenza Mini, Nestle’s coffee machine brand Nespresso has rolled out MTR activations under the theme of “Happiness is the little things” in Kowloon Tong and Tsuen Wan MTR stations this month.

Installing a number of hanging sequin discs in the colours of Nespresso Grands Crus capsules to form an eye-catching, dynamic wall, Nespresso invited coffee lovers to head to Kowloon Tong MTR station from 3–9 July or Tsuen Wan MTR station from 12-18 July to share the little things that make them happy, while the brand will give a little happiness back to them by offering surprise gifts.

Nespresso staff at the Happiness Walls help to spread a little joy. Their role is to help passers-by share the little things that bring them joy on the Happiness Wall and to introduce the features of the Essenza Mini machine.

The main concept behind the MTR activation is that ‘good things come in small packages’ and that it is often the little things in life that have the most positive impact.

“Big doesn’t always mean better and expensive doesn’t always mean superior, especially when it comes to happiness – it’s usually the little things in life that count,” said Carrie Shum, marketing manager at Nespresso Hong Kong.

Besides promoting the new Essenza Mini coffee machine, Nespresso also looks to generate interest in its different kind of coffee machines, and to create a memorable brand experience targeting both existing and potential new consumers.

“The goal is to encourage coffee lovers to visit their local Nespresso boutique to find out more about Nespresso’s range of coffee machines and 24 Grands Crus coffees,” Shum added.

Nespresso worked with its creative agency, Jack Morton, to come up with the concept behind this MTR activation.

For the event in Kowloon Tong MTR station, over 350 people received surprise gifts from Nespresso every day from 3-9 July, while the Tsuen Wan MTR activation is currently ongoing.

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