Monday 23 May 2022

Nespresso Canada donates $100,000 to Tree Canada to support its National Program

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MONTREAL, Canada – As part of the celebrations surrounding its Gifts of the Forest holiday campaign, Nespresso Canada is pleased to announce a $100,000 donation to Tree Canada to support its National Greening Program, which seeks to regreen areas in need of reforestation or afforestation and thereby contributes to cleaner air and waterways. 20,000 trees will be planted with the help of Nespresso Canada’s donation, thousands of which in British Columbia, as well as in Quebec and Ontario.

More specifically, tree planting will be undertaken along the Tranquille and Atleo rivers in British Columbia to support riparian restoration. The planted trees will help diversify and restore the native vegetation and improve ecosystem stability. Part of a vast effort to restore the ecosystem, planting these trees will be beneficial to a number of wildlife species, including endangered species of salmons, mammals and costal birds.

Concrete Actions Within Targeted Initiatives

For almost 20 years, Nespresso has committed to protecting nature through agroforestry projects that support the ecosystems upon which its coffee plantations rely. Constantly seeking to step beyond coffee farming to support the communities in which it operates, the partnership between Nespresso Canada and Tree Canada is an addition to the company’s current commitments to sustainable development.

“Forest conservation plays an important role in Nespresso’s vision of sustainability. The Gifts of the Forest inspired holiday campaign seeks to shed light on concrete ways to help protecting our planet. Indeed, at the global level, Nespresso contributes to protecting 10 million trees in the Amazon Forest, in Columbia’s La Pedrera region. We also wanted to have a positive impact on our local ecosystems by associating with a Canadian organization dedicated to planting and maintaining trees,” emphasized Julie Pomerleau, Marketing and Corporate Communications Vice-President.

Tree Canada, an organization dedicated to planting trees throughout the country, is also delighted by this new collaboration with Nespresso. “Tree Canada is thrilled to be able to count on Nespresso’s support and share its desire to contribute to protecting our planet by planting trees and allowing several communities to benefit from these greening initiatives,” stated Danielle St-Aubin, CEO of Tree Canada.

“Planting trees is a practical and economical solution for protecting our planet while refreshing and beautifying it in a simple and natural way. We salute Nespresso Canada for its commitment to the environment and its support to enhance our green spaces.”

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