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Nespresso opens first boutique in Indonesia, celebrates locally grown coffees

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Nespresso has opened its first boutique at Plaza Indonesia, a shopping mall located at Thamrin Road, central Jakarta, Indonesia. Renauld Tinel, Head of Asia for Nespresso, said in a press release he was very pleased to arrive in Indonesia and bring itself to Indonesian coffee lovers who will experience the high-quality coffee and refined experience that Nespresso is known for around the world.

“With a touch of a button, we bring an exquisite cup of coffee into homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes delivering the ultimate coffee experience to our customers, cup after cup. We are also very pleased to announce the local partnership with Kanmo Group and we are looking forward to working jointly with the Kanmo team to bring the Nespresso experience to Indonesia,” Tinel was quoted as saying.


Hitesh Bharwani, founder and group managing director of Kanmo, shared the pride.

“With the opening of the first boutique located at the most prestigious mall in Jakarta, we believe that this innovative boutique will allow customers to delve into the world of Nespresso, allowing them to learn more about the coffee and experience the wide range of premium portioned coffees,” said Bharwani.

The launch in Indonesia also highlights Master Origin Indonesia, one of the brand’s 25 original coffees. It is a kind of coffee grown and crafted by farmers in the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, and certified by FairTrade.

According to the press release, the brand is currently working with 3,299 farmers in Indonesia through the program, giving them support in order to increase the quality and productivity of their harvests.