Thursday 18 August 2022

Nespresso and Migros join forces to boost capsule recycling in Switzerland

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MILAN – Nespresso and Migros are joining forces to boost the recycling of aluminium coffee capsules. Nespresso coffee capsules can now be returned to around 700 Migros branches throughout Switzerland. On the other hand, Migros capsules can be brought to over 2700 collecting points established by Nespresso across the country.

Migros adopts recyclable aluminum for its Cafe Royal capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

Since last October, 400 collecting are also available in Coop stores, said a spokesperson for Nespresso. “Currently, discussions are well advanced with several of the largest coffee companies that produce aluminum capsules,” he added.

The stated objective is to increase the current recycling rate of aluminum capsules from 58% to 75%. Nespresso claims that the recovered aluminum can also be reused in industry (window, bicycle or car structures).

Coffee grounds are transformed into biogas or fertilizers. The company says it invests 40 million francs a year in recycling capsules.

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