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Nescafé opens temporary nap café in Tokyo to mark the World Sleep Day

TOKYO, Japan – Nescafe’s Harajuku outlet has been transformed into a ‘nap café’, with the venue offering coffees alongside 10 comfy, reclining beds. Guests can take a nap for up to two hours, with relaxing music played through headphones and special lighting in the background.

Before customers go to sleep, they are treated to a free cup of Nescafe decaffeinated coffee and upon waking, are given a cup of regular coffee.

While there’s no obligation to try the sleep experience when visiting the cafe, customers who’d like to participate are required to order at least one food item from the cafe’s regular menu.

Before customers drift off, staff will serve up a free cup of Nescafe decaffeinated coffee, and upon waking, customers will be given a cup of regular coffee to help perk them up before they step back out into the real world.

The nap café is a partnership between Nescafe and France Bed Co., which provided all of the cafe’s $9,000 mattresses. The occasion for the cafe’s opening was World Sleep Day, which took place March 17.

The café will be open until 26 March.

Nescafe Harajuku’s nap cafe is not Japan’s first experiment with the form. Back in 2012, a series of cafes that encouraged napping popped up throughout Tokyo.