Sunday 14 August 2022

Nescafé Azera partners with The Prince’s Trust in the UK for its brand-new By Design campaign

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LONDON, UK – Nescafé Azera is proud to announce its brand-new collaboration with The Prince’s Trust for the By Design campaign. As part of the partnership the brand has donated £150,000 to support the amazing work the charity carries out with the disadvantaged young people – and has done since its inception in 1976.

In previous years, the limited-edition By Design tins were designed by second year Graphic Design students from the University for Creative Arts. This year, the people behind the Nescafé Azera brand decided it was the right time to partner with the youth charity, for an even more meaningful collaboration, particularly at a time when young people have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nescafé Azera proudly inspires and champions young, creative minds and will give The Prince’s Trust-supported young people access to industry experts and will showcase their work to a wide audience – something that previously may have felt out of reach to them.

The By Design campaign will now provide a unique platform for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds during what is a very difficult time – further establishing the Nescafé Azera brand’s ambition to be a force for good.

Lucy Gardner, Brand Manager for Nescafé Azera said:

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with The Prince’s Trust for the By Design campaign. Now in its seventh year, we felt it was the right time By Design evolved into an even more meaningful partnership that would help young, talented people gain more of a platform and give them an opportunity to showcase their design work.

“We have been so impressed with the talent at The Prince’s Trust and I absolutely love the tin designs we have selected. I am so excited to see the tins in stores across the country and look forward to hearing some interesting opinions and conversations I know the designs will encourage – as they are so relatable!”

The brand passionately believes that the relationship between coffee and design is an intricate one, and both hold similar objectives. Coffee and design inspire, galvanise, and transcend basic functions. The Nescafé Azera By Design campaign offers exactly that – it creates curiosity through conversation over a delicious cup of coffee, and gives young people its iconic tins as a canvas for their own personal expression.

Frances Milner, Director of Fundraising at The Prince’s Trust said:

“We are proud to work with Nescafé Azera on the By Design campaign, creating a partnership that promotes inclusivity, amplifies young talent and helps to drives change for the next generation. The By Design competition gives young people a chance to bolster their design skills and network with industry experts, as well as showcasing the immense talent of young people supported by The Prince’s Trust.

“We are enormously proud of the winners and their products, which seek to raise aspirations among other young people and motivate them to connect with The Prince’s Trust. We are looking forward to developing our partnership with Nescafé Azera and growing our important work together.”

The limited-edition Prince’s Trust Nescafé Azera By Design tins will be available from October in major retailers.

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