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National Food and Beverages launches House Barley Tea in India

Barley Tea

NEW DELHI, India – National Food and Beverages, a leading FMCG importer of Japanese and Korean foods to India has launched its Barley Tea under its brand name, House. House Barley Tea is a pure, herbal and refined product that instates the goodness of the natural Barley. It is formulated with a roasted Grain-based infusion made from barley.

This tea is congruous for all those who want to have a healthy lifestyle while getting rid of day to day common problems, says the company.

The Barley Tea has been formulated with the true benefits of natural and pure Japanese Barley works on boosting the digestive system as it is a natural antacid.

It speeds up the weight loss process and is even low on sugar and is a delicious alternative to plain water. Adding to this, it is even very good for boosting the immune system as it contains large amounts of vitamin C that can help protect your body from diseases and shorten the duration of the common cold and flu.

It actually works as an excellent antioxidant that regulates blood pressure, protects against cancer, aids weight loss in the body, speeds up digestion in the body and protects from heatstroke.

The  Tea can be consumed with normal or warm water that leaves visible results on the whole body as they increase the blood circulation and even helps the person unwind.

The House Barley Tea comes in white packaging. The packaging contains 16 pouches of 20grams each that can actually make 16 litres of Tea. The House Japanese Barley Tea is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.